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Hormone Levels And Sexual Health With Natural Remedies

Nutrition and diet are an important part of a woman's general health. Her sexual health is also affect by these factors. As women age, hormone levels decrease, and with hormone levels so goes the libido. Women can undergo hormone replacement therapy, to replace depleted hormones, but there are alternatives. Monitoring your diet will help you maintain a vital healthy sex life.

For the best sexual health in women, you should eat foods that are high in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin E, zinc, niacin, and amino acids. Foods that are high in fat can damage a woman's sexual well being by blocking arteries and decreasing blood flow to erogenous zones. Consuming larger amounts of fruits and vegetables lowers cholesterol and increases blood flow. Blood flow equals sexual stimulation. A healthy heart means sexual stamina so eating healthy fibers and starches also contributes to sexual health. Vitamins supplements and multivitamins increase energy levels and boost circulation giving you an overall sexual health boost.

Decreasing stress levels and adequate sleep are always factors in the bedroom. A woman's ability to maintain sexual interest and have regular orgasms hinges on her ability to reduce stress, relax, and be stimulated. Stimulating ones sense of smell and touch through massage oils and lubricants can play an important role in relaxation and overall sexual health. The following methods can be used to help reduce stress: yoga, meditations, or simply a hot bath and a good book.

Nutrition and exercise are an integral part of a man's sexual health as well. Many factors can contribute to changes in sexual health: including medications, illness, fatigue, and/or diseases. Cardiac complications can be caused by a diet that is high in fat. Adding fish and foods that are high in protein can rejuvenate a man's sexual health, along with foods containing high amounts of zinc. Fish, shellfish, and oysters all stimulate the health of the prostate.

Vitamin E and Niacin are both vitamins that are directly linked to sexual health. Vitamin E is called the "sex vitamin" because it is said to lead to stronger erections. Niacin constructs the sex and adrenal hormones. This vitamin imitates the natural flush one gets from sexual excitement and arousal. Niacin dilates the blood vessels and allows for more blood flow. Once again, for men as for women, blood flow equals sexual stimulation.

Your body needs exercise. Sex is good for your body. Exercise leads to heightened sexual experiences because the heart is pumping, blood is flowing and energy is available. When you work out, your body releases a great amount of stress. When you reach orgasm during intercourse, more stress is released. Basically, your physical and sexual health benefit from your healthy lifestyle.

Natural Cure for Cancer? - Mint Could be an Answer

One of the most exciting discoveries to make the news recently was that involving mint in the cure of cancer.

But let's back up a little first. There have been reports of miracle cures and natural treatments for almost every ailment and disease for as long as most of us can remember. Trouble is, there is almost always no proof, and we are left with only reassurances of ancient, but only recently discovered, healing properties of some plant, root or herb, that comes on the market, usually at great expense.

I have always maintained a healthy scepticism of these so called cures, mainly because they smack of profiteering. In fact if you trace the recent history of such claims over say, the last 15 years, there is very little evidence of reductions in incidence of, or improvements in condition of, sufferers of diseases that would have supposedly benefited from “new” natural cures.

So, it was with some interest that I read the BBC News report on the effect of a Chinese mint extract used to treat cancer, released by the University of Salford in the UK. The report states that an extract from Scutellaria barbata has been shown to be effective in destroying blood vessels supplying tumours. A particularly positive aspect of the extract was that it did not affect healthy cells as is frequently the case with other treatments. It should therefore result in fewer side effects. The treatment attacks the blood supply to the tumorous cells.

There is obviously a lot of work to be done yet. Human trials have not yet commenced but the University reports that experiments on tumour cells ahs been very encouraging and exciting, prompting the scientific step of moving to human trials. Theis will take some years before we can expect a more definitive declaration as to the success of the extract.

The Scutellaria barbata is commonly known as Skullcap or Scullcap, commonly prescribed by Chinese practitioners to treat cancer of the liver, lung and rectum, and other medical problems. So it is by no means new. This brings me to my next point.

There are many who will attempt to profit from the announcement of this research, possibly by selling a “secret” extract that will “cure cancer”. Although the claims may, in the end, prove to be true; I feel that cancer sufferers need to take a dispassionate look before leaping onto the bandwagon that may develop over the coming months. I know the temptation to try anything is very strong when one is suffering.

My only counsel is to talk first to someone who is experienced in the prescription of such treatments. Seek out accredited Chinese herbalists so as to at least get a more informed opinion. Talk to others who have had a treatment where possible, and discuss their particular condition. This way you can compare your own circumstances and compare apples with apples, so to speak.

Michael Haydon has been active in the investigation of Natural Cures for many years. He has investigated claims and reported these in many respected publications. See more at:

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5 Natural Remedies For 5 Common Ailments You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Below are just a few of the natural remedies I have tried on my husband, three sons, friends, family and myself. They really work! Open your mind to trying the herbs and spices that God has given us in their natural form. These healing remedies cannot hurt you because they are not processed into chemicals but are natural and absolutely safe to use.


Next time your child has an earache blend up three tablespoons olive oil with one clove of garlic in your blender until smooth. Have your child lie down with the hurt ear face up. With a cue tip or a bulb syringe put two or three drops into the ear, letting it drip down into the canal. Have a wet washcloth handy incase any of it drips down onto your child’s neck.

Make sure your child stays lying down while the oil and garlic mixture drains down into the ear canal completely, about a half hour or so. After about five or ten minutes your child will tell you that it tickles inside their ear that means it is working. Do this remedy three times a day or when your child complains of pain. The oil cleans out the earwax and the garlic heals the infection.

No more earache, no more doctors! You can now cure the common earache your self! Amazing, isn’t it?


Have a toothache? This solution is only temporary to ease the excruciating pain of a toothache. I know how painful a toothache can be and I ran across this old kitchen remedy years ago when it was too late to rush to the dentist.

Blend up about two tablespoons whole cloves in the blender until blended into powder form. Mix this with 1-tablespoon olive oil to make a paste. With your finger, dab directly on the infective tooth and gum area, wait 5 minutes. You will be so relieved you tried this natural remedy. Absolutely unbelievable that it really works! The properties in the clove actually numb your gums!


This remedy only works if you do it BEFORE you start to feel sick. If there is a stomach virus going around the school or in your home and you’re thinking that you might be next to get this awful virus, eat a bunch of raw garlic. Yeah, that’s right. Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them to do this but I know it works. I do it myself every time I know there is a stomach virus going around.

Eat two good sized or three small cloves of garlic every four hours and you will not get the stomach virus. Do this as long as someone is sick around you. This will only work by eating the real garlic. Taking the pill form will not work! You might smell like garlic for while but this all natural and safe remedy will also ward off any vampires coming to your home. Your spouse might not kiss you for the day either. But it sure beats getting terribly ill to your stomach for 24 or 48 hours! Garlic to your health!


This method is an absolute miracle cure! You will love its properties. Do you have acid in your stomach after eating? Throw away the Tums and Rolaids because they just make your acid worse in the long run. Try this. Mix 1-tablespoon powdered ginger with warm water in an 8 ounce coffee cup. Sip it down slowly. You will see that this remedy works instantly.

I call this the ginger tea remedy for acid reflux. Ginger is a safe and natural spice that can’t harm your system like those other antacids can. You will be astonished that this really works! You can also buy the whole ginger root and blend the root into a powder to get the same results. You will be flabbergasted that ginger can get rid of your acid. It’s safe, cheap and miraculous!


Senna Leaf Herbal Tea is so much better for you than those other over the counter medications. Senna leaf is an all-natural herb and it taste good too. I was absolutely amazed when this worked so well. Brew it like any other tea by steeping in hot water for 5 minutes. You can add honey or lemon to the tea if you like.

There are several different brands you can buy that have Senna Leaf Herb in it. I have always used “Smooth Move” available from Wal-Mart or even your local grocery store. No matter what brand you decide to use, read the ingredients and make sure that Senna Leaf is the active ingredient. You will be relieved that you decided to try a more natural approach. You'll love this tea.

To your health!

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Cures And Remedies By Basil Leaf

Basil is an important herb known around the world for its culinary uses but the herb offers a plethora of medical benefits. Basil has many health benefits that cover a wide spectrum of uses. Known to have originated in India, its widely found in India, Pakistan and Thailand.

Basil makes a great kitchen plant, as its uses are two-fold, for cooking as well as to cure a variety of ailments. An attractive plant, it looks and works well in a vegetable patch, herb or flower garden. A versatile herb, basil is used extensively in Thai, Italian and Vietnamese cuisine for its warm, gentle and unique flavor and fragrance. They taste and smell best when it’s freshly cut and used immediately. Tear the leaf into pieces with your hand instead of chopping as this helps retain the flavor longer.

Basil does not retain its flavor well when dried or frozen; hence use it as soon as you pluck it from the plant. Medically it is useful to provide relief to sore gums, swish out the mouth often with strong basil tea. A basil leaf tucked into the mouth over the ulcer and kept there eases the pain. Basil leaf has many uses in aromatherapy. It is refreshing when used in a bath.

A potpourri of dried basil leaves and flowers can be used to create a fragrant atmosphere in the house or office. It is a natural pesticide, burn sprigs of basil to drive away mosquitoes. A potted basil plant in the kitchen windowsill will deter flies. Basil has been used as a tonic to aid digestion, steep in water or boil in water while preparing tea. Basil oil is known to relieve mental fatigue; it is widely used in aromatherapy.

Types of Basil
Bush Basil Also known as Sweet or Common Basil, it is native to the tropical countries such as India and Africa. Basil has significant religious importance in India and is an essential part of many religious rituals. Lemon Basil Bushy in appearance and grows to about two feet tall, it has a strong lemony fragrance.

Camphor Basil an annual shrub, it grows to about 5 feet in height. The leaves have a camphor-scented fragrance and can be used to protect woolens. Camphor basil can be used in tea to combat stomachaches. Tree Basil With fuzzy, lime-green leaves, tree basil is an excellent remedy for colds, and fevers.

Its thymol content makes it useful to treat wounds, relieve sore throats and even conjunctivitis. Holy Basil, an annual shrub with spicy clove-like scented leaves reaches the two feet in height. It is the sacred basil of the Hindus, who use it both for cooking and medicines.

Traditional medical uses of Basil
Apart from being a general tonic and vitalizer, basil has since ages been employed in hundreds of different formulations for the treatment of a range of ailments. Some of which are mouth and throat disorders, lungs, heart, blood, liver, kidney and the digestive, metabolic, reproductive and nervous systems. It has been frequently used to treat coughs, colds, flu, head and earaches, rheumatism and arthritis, malaria, fever, allergies and various skin diseases.

It was used in reducing the toxicity of various poisons, including insect and reptile bites, to expel intestinal parasites, repel insects and purify the air. Modern research on this wonder herb has revealed many of its less known qualities. Basil protects against and reduces stress; enhance stamina and endurance. It helps increase the body's efficient use of oxygen; boost the immune system; reduce inflammation; protect against radiation damage, stems rapid ageing, supports the heart, lungs and liver; has antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties; enhances the efficacy of many other therapeutic treatments; and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Summarizing the benefits of basil, it has been found that it is a premier adaptogen, helping the body and mind adapt and cope with a wide range of physical, emotional, chemical and infectious stresses and trauma. It helps restore disturbed physiological and psychological functions to a normal healthy state. These general vitality enhancing properties, coupled with the therapeutic actions make Basil the wonder herb that it really is.

Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of natural home remedies websites which have information on home based natural cures and remedies by consumption of basil leaves.

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Head Lice Cure and Prevention

Head lice are tiny parasitic insects that infest the hair on your head. They survive by feeding on blood and they feed once or more per day. Up to 12 million people get headlice each year in the United States alone. A similar problem, body lice, is less common in developed countries.

The most common symptom identifying head lice is scalp itching. The itchiness is caused by the saliva and feces of the lice, which irritate the skin. Despite being the primary symptom of a headlouse infestation, an itchy scalp is not grounds for a diagnosis of headlice. To make a proper diagnosis, it is necessary to make a thorough examination of the head, and headlice should only be diagnosed if you find an actual live, crawling headlouse specimen. It is imperative to properly diagnose headlice, because only people with an actual headlouse problem should be treated with the chemical shampoos or soaps that are used to kill lice.

Finding headlice on someone who has it isn't difficult; lice are most frequently found at the nape of the neck and base of the ears, and the insects can be seen by the naked eye. Lice are unable to fly or jump, so it is unlikely they will stray from their given host unless there is a lot of head-to-head contact. However, if lice are discovered it is a good idea to inspect the rest of the household members hair to prevent possible headlouse re-infestations. Lice generally do no survive on pets, but you may find the odd insect on your pet, so be sure to check them as well.

Headlice are more of a nuisance than a significant health issue. Headlice are not known to transmit diseases and after treatment, lice usually disappear after two weeks. There are many shampoos and louse treatments available on the market. Your doctor or pharmacist will be able to advise which option is the best for your family. There are fine tooth combs available for removing lice and the nits (eggs) in the hair; this works alone or coupled with a shampoo.

Head lice are transmitted from direct head to head contact most regularly, and less often through combs or hair pins, so it is not necessary to isolate yourself or your child if you have been diagnosed with headlice. If, after the application of two pediculicides (insecticide products), the lice are still present, see your doctor for prescribed medications that will assist the removal of persistent lice. Some lice are resistant to some shampoos or method of lice removal, but there are many available for use.

Remember that headlice isn't caused by poor hygiene; it is a common occurrence in elementary school-aged children and adults with children in their household. Because lice are so easily killed, there is no need for panic, but it is a good idea to launder in hot water clothing, bed sheets, pillows and toys that have come into contact with someone with head lice. Stuffed animals can also be put into bags and stuck in the freezer to kill off any errant lice. Both of these methods will kill the lice and the eggs.

It was a shock to discover I had head lice, so I researched into it and found that it is usually healthy hair that is most affected. I made the most of my research by creating a website for helping people with head lice at

Here's the Ultimate Psoriasis Natural Cure for Kids

Here's the Ultimate Psoriasis Natural Cure for Kids

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) describes the condition as "an immune system disorder that affects the skin, and occasionally the eyes, nails, and joints." Psoriasis is characterised by dry red scales called ‘plaques’ that are both painful and unattractive – a sometimes heartbreaking condition.

The opinion of our health experts is that the immune system only responds this way when there is something out of balance or the immune system is correctly responding to the presence of a foreign protein – in other words, an allergic reaction. This is supported by the fact that the condition is often associated with food intolerances and chemical sensitivities.

The first place to start with a psoriasis natural cure for kids is to identify the allergen. This can be either a food allergy - wheat and dairy are often to blame - or an allergy to household chemicals, soaps, perfumes, detergents, animals or even jewellery. A simple pulse test will help with this.

Take the resting pulse and if it rises more than 10 beats per minute after exposure to the food or other, then you have an allergy.

Diet Recommendations

The psoriasis natural cure for kids starts with correcting the diet:

  • No junk food, no food out of a box or a can, no fried food, eliminate all forms of sugar and refined or processed carbohydrates – bread, pizza dough, biscuits, white bread etc.
  • Avoid the irritants or allergic foods and begin a rotation diet – avoid eating the same thing at the same time regularly each day.
  • Increase the intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids from fish and flax seed oil and reduce the intake of omega 6 oils (very common oils in nuts, vegetable oils, grains) – this will have the effect of reducing the inflammation response from the immune system. Omega 6 switches the immune system on and omega 3 turns it off.

Recommended Supplements

We recommend the following Supplements for a psoriasis natural cure for kids:

  • High dose vitamin A and vitamin E – you will need to consult your local naturopath.
  • EFA supplements – as fish oil from a trusted source.
  • A supplement containing zinc, copper and selenium - a naturopath will suggest theraputic doses.
  • Digestive enzymes – these will enhance digestion and rapidly improve the condition of skin by reducing the inflammatory immune response of the immune system.
  • A probiotic supplement – ideal for restoring the balance of digestive bacteria in the stomach.

Topical washes containing Calendula, and Chamomile may be helpful in relieving the inflammation.

Essential oils may also be used as a psoriasis natural cure for kids. The essential oils recommended by our aromatherapists include: Bergamot, Roman chamomile, geranium, lavender and frankincense.


Paul Newland is a health writer, sports training consultant and martial arts instructor and manages the website.
He is the author of numerous health information books and guides, including the Wellness Report, The Ultimate Antioxidant Report, The Selenium Report, The Bird Flu Report, The Ultimate Nutrient Guide and The Essential Fatty Acid Report and The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Guide - available Free (for a limited time) through

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Vanadyl Sulfate and Diabetes

Vanadyl sulfate is a form of vanadium, a trace mineral. In Europe, vanadium is often used as a natural treatment for diabetes.

Vanadium has been found in human studies to imitate the effects of insulin in our bodies. This ability may allow some of those with diabetes, a natural method to help lower blood sugar, take less insulin, or in some instances stop taking insulin altogether.

Vanadium is believed to assist in the transfer of sugar in the blood (glucose) into muscles, similar to the function of insulin. It is also believed to increase insulin sensitivity in the muscles. This is important to Type 2 diabetics especially, in that one factor in the development of diabetes can be insulin resistance.

This transfer of glucose into muscle tissue has also been touted by weightlifters and body builders. Vanadium allows the body to store more energy in the muscles, therefore decreasing the need for conversion to triglycerides, for fat storage.

Diabetics should consult their physician prior to taking Vanadyl sulfate. They should also monitor their blood sugar regularly when taking a vanadyl supplement because of the potential to lower blood sugar and decrease insulin needs.

The effects of vanadium have been shown to last for weeks, even in the absence of further supplementation. Therefore, it is suggested that it be taken in cycles.

It is probably best to take vanadyl sulfate supplements for about three weeks and then discontinue their use for about three weeks. By utilizing this valuable adjunct to the treatment of diabetes in this manner, a diabetic can improve sugar control, and avoid any potential toxicity.

Dr. Mark S. Johnson is a practicing doctor of chiropractic medicine, specializing in nutrition and exercise rehabilitation. He is a fellow of the Academy of Forensic and Industrial Chiropractic Consultants, a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California, and a specialist in disability evaluation.

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Escherichia Coli – An Unexpected Natural Cure for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer worldwide. The disease has the highest incidence in well developed countries, affecting thousands of people in the United States each year. Although colorectal cancer predominantly affects people with ages over 50, some forms of the disease can also occur in young adults and even children. Colorectal cancer is a life-threatening disease that occurs on the premises of genetically inherited predispositions and environmental factors.

According to the causes that lead to the development of colon cancer, there are two main types of the disease: inherited colorectal cancer and acquired (sporadic) colorectal cancer. Inherited colorectal cancer generally occurs due to the transmission of colonic physiologic abnormalities from one generation to another. The underlying cause of inherited colorectal cancer is the formation of colonic polyps, prominent tissues that can eventually become malignant. Inherited colorectal cancer can occur at any age.

Sporadic colorectal cancer generally occurs as a consequence of inappropriate diet, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and physical inactivity. Acquired colorectal cancer is characterized by the formation of colonic tumors and carcinomas. This type of colorectal cancer is more difficult to diagnose and it predominantly affects older adults. Unlike hereditary colorectal cancer, acquired colorectal cancer can be effectively prevented by timely making lifestyle improvements and dietary adjustments.

Regardless of its actual causes, colorectal cancer needs prompt medical intervention. If the disease is discovered early, the medical treatments available today can control the progression of colorectal cancer, improving patients’ life expectancy. However, in present there is no effective cure for colorectal cancer and medical scientists are trying to find more reliable forms of treatment for this type of malignancy.

Doctors inform that a diet rich in calcium can both reduce the risks of colorectal cancer and slow down its progression. In the presence of active Escherichia coli bacteria, calcium seems to be a major inhibitor for colorectal cancer. Recent studies have found that the progression of colorectal cancer is slowed down by a type of bacteria that populates the gastrointestinal tract. It seems that Escherichia coli, the bacteria responsible for causing diarrhea, can actually prevent colon cancer cells from multiplying.

The toxins produced by Escherichia coli inside the large bowel trigger a release of calcium, slowing down the multiplication rate of carcinoma cells. Medical scientists are currently trying to minimize the side-effects associated with Escherichia coli bacteria in order to introduce this type of organism in future treatments for colorectal cancer. In present, medical scientists focus on laboratory altering this type of bacteria so that it can act as a safe active agent in stopping the division of malignant cells.

For more resource on different colon cancer subjects please click this link You can also find valuable information about colon cancer symptoms or even about

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