Natural cures for Diabetes: Herbs

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Yacon and Pata de vaca are two natural diabetes herbs from Peru. They are found in a new natural diabetes herbal supplement from Amazon Botanicals. Yacon is a unique plant in that it is sweet but is low in calories and contains oligofructose a sugar that is not absorbed into the body because the carbohydrates in Yacon are in the form of insulin not starch.Pata de vaca, meaning literally "the cow's hoof" is a small plant that grows to a height of 5-9 meters and has leaves that are shaped like a cow's hoofs. Although the traditional uses of this plant are not well documented, it has occupied an important place in Brazil. The plant has been used for over sixty years as a natural diabetes herb in controlling blood sugar. Its effects are supposed to be so good that it has earned the sobriquet "vegetable insulin". In Peru and Brazil it has been clinically studied and is used extensively as a natural diabetes herb."Sugar Control" combines the goodness of these two natural diabetes herbs to provide you with a reliable, safe and natural treatment for diabetes. Amazon Botanicals uses fresh recently harvested herbs either organically grown or wildcrafted. Other companies may use stale herbs bought from middlemen that buy from questionable sources with little concern for the Amazon environment.Two forms of these natural diabetes herbs are available - tea and tincture. The tincture is made by extracting Yacon and Pata de vaca in distilled water and 45% alcohol. The recommended dosage is 60 drops (2 ml) twice a day, taken under the tongue or added to water or juice.The tea is prepared from 100% pure Yacon and Pata de vaca leaves and is available in the form of tea bags. The tea bags are to be infused in hot water for ten minutes and taken once a day.Those under medication for diabetes should take medical advice before starting on these natural diabetes herbs, as they have an effect of lowering blood sugar levels and hence may require adjustments in the existing medication and their dosages, as well as monitoring of blood sugar levels.

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