10 Steps to Protecting Your Families Health at Home

Many people are not aware that the indoor air in their homes is on average 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air (source EPA) and in some cases can be 10 times worse. This becomes very relative when we realize that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors in our homes and at work.

Air and water are considered two essentials for human survival so it makes good sense to consider breathing the best quality air and drinking the best quality water we can to sustain a healthy life and improve our life span potential.

Recent medical science discoveries suggest that up to 50% of all diseases are either caused or affected by the air we breathe. Large increases in allergies especially those caused by indoor airborne allergy triggers like dust mites and similar microbes give us some indication.

Household cleaning chemicals and chemicals used in building materials and furniture now play a part in the make up of every living environment as they happily off gas their toxins on the innocents living there. Between 25% and 30% of all adults in the developed Western world now suffer from one allergy or another and recently in the UK the British Government has admitted that up to 40% of children of school going age suffer from allergies.

Major contributing factors have been the increased insulation of homes, central heating, double glazed windows, lack of ventilation, carpets and electrical products that produce BFR's (brominade fire-restraining chemicals) that are persistent, toxic and bio-accumulating and the over prescribing of anti-biotics epically to pregnant women as this interferes with the development of the immune system in the unborn.

The 10 Simple Steps

1. Reduce the number of carpets in your home and replace with hardwood flooring (not laminate), tiles or any good hard floor that is easily cleaned, is non-toxic, and will not be a breathing ground for microbes and dust mites.

2. Make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter so you are not just redistributing dust around your home.

3. Leave your bedroom windows open for a while in the morning and pull back the bed covers so it is uncomfortable for bed bugs and dust mites. If you suffer with Asthma consider also using mattress and pillow protectors that are allergy approved.

4. Limit the use of open fires as they create a lot of dust particles in the air, a percentage of these will end up in your lungs if you are not careful. If you have to use fires make sure the room is well ventilated.

5. Keep the temperature as low as you can comfortably live within your indoor environment as this will inhibit the growth of microbes. This will also save you money on your heating bills in winter as most of us have our heating several degrees higher than we actually need. Give your living areas a good airing as often as you can by opening windows and doors for short periods.

6. Use a few good air purifiers like Healthway units which are mobile and use a new state of the art technology called EMF which filters the air but also destroys bacteria and viruses etc.

7. Use allergy friendly cleaning materials and bed linen.

8. Make sure all areas in your home that create steam like your kitchen, showers and bathrooms have air extraction units so mold and spores do not get a chance to establish themselves on damp surfaces. Watch out for dark patches on ceilings and walls which usually means mold and breathing spores that can cause respiratory problems for the very young and the elderly.

9. If you have to have pets in the home keep them away from carpeted areas and bedrooms.

10. Prohibit smoking in the home if you have babies or elderly living there.

10 Steps to Protecting Your Families Health at Home

Many people are not aware that the indoor air in their homes is on average 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air (source EPA) and in some cases can be 10 times worse. This becomes very relative when we realize that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors in our homes and at work.

Air and water are considered two essentials for human survival so it makes good sense to consider breathing the best quality air and drinking the best quality water we can to sustain a healthy life and improve our life span potential.

Recent medical science discoveries suggest that up to 50% of all diseases are either caused or affected by the air we breathe. Large increases in allergies especially those caused by indoor airborne allergy triggers like dust mites and similar microbes give us some indication.

Household cleaning chemicals and chemicals used in building materials and furniture now play a part in the make up of every living environment as they happily off gas their toxins on the innocents living there. Between 25% and 30% of all adults in the developed Western world now suffer from one allergy or another and recently in the UK the British Government has admitted that up to 40% of children of school going age suffer from allergies.

Major contributing factors have been the increased insulation of homes, central heating, double glazed windows, lack of ventilation, carpets and electrical products that produce BFR's (brominade fire-restraining chemicals) that are persistent, toxic and bio-accumulating and the over prescribing of anti-biotics epically to pregnant women as this interferes with the development of the immune system in the unborn.

The 10 Simple Steps

1. Reduce the number of carpets in your home and replace with hardwood flooring (not laminate), tiles or any good hard floor that is easily cleaned, is non-toxic, and will not be a breathing ground for microbes and dust mites.

2. Make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter so you are not just redistributing dust around your home.

3. Leave your bedroom windows open for a while in the morning and pull back the bed covers so it is uncomfortable for bed bugs and dust mites. If you suffer with Asthma consider also using mattress and pillow protectors that are allergy approved.

4. Limit the use of open fires as they create a lot of dust particles in the air, a percentage of these will end up in your lungs if you are not careful. If you have to use fires make sure the room is well ventilated.

5. Keep the temperature as low as you can comfortably live within your indoor environment as this will inhibit the growth of microbes. This will also save you money on your heating bills in winter as most of us have our heating several degrees higher than we actually need. Give your living areas a good airing as often as you can by opening windows and doors for short periods.

6. Use a few good air purifiers like Healthway units which are mobile and use a new state of the art technology called EMF which filters the air but also destroys bacteria and viruses etc.

7. Use allergy friendly cleaning materials and bed linen.

8. Make sure all areas in your home that create steam like your kitchen, showers and bathrooms have air extraction units so mold and spores do not get a chance to establish themselves on damp surfaces. Watch out for dark patches on ceilings and walls which usually means mold and breathing spores that can cause respiratory problems for the very young and the elderly.

9. If you have to have pets in the home keep them away from carpeted areas and bedrooms.

10. Prohibit smoking in the home if you have babies or elderly living there.

Natural cures for Diabetes: Herbs

Best natural cures and medications available

Yacon and Pata de vaca are two natural diabetes herbs from Peru. They are found in a new natural diabetes herbal supplement from Amazon Botanicals. Yacon is a unique plant in that it is sweet but is low in calories and contains oligofructose a sugar that is not absorbed into the body because the carbohydrates in Yacon are in the form of insulin not starch.Pata de vaca, meaning literally "the cow's hoof" is a small plant that grows to a height of 5-9 meters and has leaves that are shaped like a cow's hoofs. Although the traditional uses of this plant are not well documented, it has occupied an important place in Brazil. The plant has been used for over sixty years as a natural diabetes herb in controlling blood sugar. Its effects are supposed to be so good that it has earned the sobriquet "vegetable insulin". In Peru and Brazil it has been clinically studied and is used extensively as a natural diabetes herb."Sugar Control" combines the goodness of these two natural diabetes herbs to provide you with a reliable, safe and natural treatment for diabetes. Amazon Botanicals uses fresh recently harvested herbs either organically grown or wildcrafted. Other companies may use stale herbs bought from middlemen that buy from questionable sources with little concern for the Amazon environment.Two forms of these natural diabetes herbs are available - tea and tincture. The tincture is made by extracting Yacon and Pata de vaca in distilled water and 45% alcohol. The recommended dosage is 60 drops (2 ml) twice a day, taken under the tongue or added to water or juice.The tea is prepared from 100% pure Yacon and Pata de vaca leaves and is available in the form of tea bags. The tea bags are to be infused in hot water for ten minutes and taken once a day.Those under medication for diabetes should take medical advice before starting on these natural diabetes herbs, as they have an effect of lowering blood sugar levels and hence may require adjustments in the existing medication and their dosages, as well as monitoring of blood sugar levels.

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Natural Cures for Arthritis Pain

If you take paracetemol or an anti-inflammatory drug when you suffer from pain, you're not alone. A 2005 study, reported in the American Journal of Therapy, showed paracetemol was the most acceptable form of analgesic drug for two-thirds of patients with osteoarthritis pain.

Another study on behalf of the International Arthritis Action Group, found 47 percent of Australians in pain do not use medication because they're worried about side effects, or feel they don't know enough about the risks and benefits of treatment. Some do try medication but if it doesn't work they're reluctant to discuss an alternative with their GP or specialist. Often they give up searching for help and assume they have to live with soreness and pain. Not so.

Paracetemol may be effective for a first line of defence, but for long term relief it may be worth considering these 7 natural food and supplement options.


Fish oils are derived from deep sea fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and tuna. They provide a rich source of the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. According to Dr Ronald Klatz, president of American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, omega 3s are excellent anti inflammatories, which may be beneficial in the pain relief of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Omega 3 fatty acids may also be taken in capsule form and can be beneficial when combined with glucosamine sulfate. One helps to build and support cartilage, the other works to ease inflammation.


A diet loaded with cooked vegetables and olive oil, may help reduce the pain, swelling and discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis, according to a study from Harvard School of Public Health and reported in American School of Clinical Nutrition.

Your body makes bad prostoglandins that cause swelling and pain and good prostoglandins that prevent swelling and pain. Aspirin and other arthritis pain medicines contain drugs that block the bad prostoglandins.

Cooked vegetables and olive oils contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils that are used by your body to make the good prostoglandins that block pain and swelling. They are also loaded with antioxidants.


This herb is used extensively in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. It stimulates immunity and as an antioxidant, reduces cell damaging free radicals.
Its anti inflammatory properties have been shown to be helpful for the pain of arthritis.


An important antioxidant containing a high concentration of phenols, chemicals that fight cell damaging toxins. It can help decrease the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.


The active ingredient in this plant is gamma linoleic acid [GLA] an omega 6 fatty acid. Supplementing with evening primrose oil may help in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis pain. Taken by many women to relieve period pain, it could also cut the chances of women with breast cancer having a relapse, according to an American study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.


Sulphur is vital for the repair and rebuilding of bones, cartilage and connective tissue. Sulphur rich foods include cabbage, onion, broccoli, garlic, leak and eggs.
Sulphur can be taken in supplement form as MSM {Methyl sulfonyl methane} and is often included in formulas that include glucosamine and chondroitin. According to Dr Ronald M. Lawrence, of the UCLA School of Medicine and Founding Member of the American Association for the Study of Pain, people with joint issues often lack the proper amount of sulphur to let the body heal itself.


White willow bark is a natural aspirin. According to naturopath Ron Gellatley, it reduces swelling and pain without any side effects. Try drinking away stiffness and pain with a cup of hot willow bark tea. To brew the tea, add one teaspoon of dried willow bark to a cup of boiled water. Steep for 5 minutes, then strain before drinking.

Do you remember the last time you rolled out of bed without feeling stiff and sore? Can you imagine swinging a golf club, serving in tennis or spending the afternoon gardening without feeling aches and pains the next day? It is possible. Read on to discover the answers.

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Natural Cures for Everyday Health Issues

Natural cures for everyday Health Issues takes many forms. We call them Grandmas' old remedies or natural cures, but they are cures without using medications. Do you know how to stop a baby's hiccups? A little bit of sugar on your finger will take them away after he's done sucking off the sugar. Another one for hiccups for someone older is to try to scare them out of them, sipping water from a glass upside down, and then there's my personal favorite. Taking a big, deep breath and holding it until you either turn blue, pass out or your body forces you to breath. And that's what it does; you can't voluntarily hold your breath to turn blue.

Some other old remedies I remember from living with my Grandma. Do you have a cold? Then the best thing is to do a sink full of dirty dishes and make the water as hot as you can stand it. Personally, I would just rather go sit in the shower. Have you ever had vapor rubbed on your chest and covered with a piece of flannel? Been there, done that lots of times. Our cough syrup was honey and lemon juice.

Headaches also have many natural cures you can try. Exercise is a good idea, a brisk walk will get your blood circulating, release contracted muscles and generally just lets you relax. My personal favorite is a hot bath. The hot water also helps release bunched up muscles and helps you to relax.

Did you know that dehydration could cause headaches? It's been printed that you need to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. I have heard the excuse that you don't like the taste of water, but now it comes in so many flavors and without sugar that excuse is pretty well not usable anymore. In addition, other natural cures for headaches include acupressure, acupuncture, and aromatherapy. You need to press or massage on the fleshy area between thumb and forefinger, that's one of the pressure points for acupressure.

Other ways to get rid of a nasty headache is to lie down in a dark room avoiding bright lights. Alternate hot and cold washcloths applied to the area where the pain is located. If you haven't eaten in a while, have something to eat that is nutritious. Do slight neck rolls and shoulder lifts to relieve tense muscles in your shoulder and neck area.

Here are some interesting natural cures for symptoms of pregnancy I wish I'd had when I was pregnant. To relieve symptoms of morning sickness there are natural cures you can do to help the situation. One of the most obvious is to cut out spicy and fatty foods. Another is to stay away from strong odors such as onion, garlic, and coffee. You should eat several small meals a day instead of three big ones. Try eating a few soda crackers with a couple of sips of room temperature water before you get up in the morning. Again, acupressure is recommended by wearing sea bands three quarter of an inch down your wrist in between tendons. Last, eat what sounds good to you. My doctor gave me that advice and it has been good for me throughout my life. Generally, if it sounds good, you can keep it down better.

Heartburn can also be helped by many of the same remedies of morning sickness. Some extra hints are avoiding trigger foods that are acidic, spicy, and fatty. Avoid tight fitting clothing after you've eaten which can worsen the symptoms. One other idea, add some slippery elm powder to a cup of tea.

Natural cures are available for arthritis sufferers as well. Ginger extract is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. It takes damaging oxidizing agents out of the body. In other words, it's an antioxidant. Ginger extract is completely natural and can be taken and have no side effects. Willow has also been used to ease pain. The Greeks used to mash the leaves of the willow plant with a little wine and apply it to the sore area.

Lifestyle changes can significantly impact pain levels of arthritis. Getting some exercise daily will help the joints moving freely and strengthens the joints. Don't overdo, but a little exercise will go a long way to keep you moving freely. It helps some sufferers if they cut back on certain foods. Some of those foods are red meat, dairy products, and tomatoes. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, include plenty of Vitamin C and you'll find your joints will feel better but you're also eating healthier too.

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Natural cures For Hair Loss

Are you losing sleep over your hair loss troubles? Hair loss can be a miserable trauma for most people. However, there is no reason to lose heart. There exists a gamut of natural remedies for effectively arresting hair loss, and to grow the lost hair back as well.

Herbal remedies are the best available options for treating hair loss. Not only are herbal remedies cost effective, these do not produce undesirable side effects as well.

Following are some of the herbs that are to be applied on the scalp and are available quite easily.

Aroma therapists use essential oils extracted from lavender and bay and mix these with an almond, sesame or soybean oil base to make a concoction that stimulates the hair follicles on the scalp. This should be kept applied for at least twenty minutes before washing off with a good herbal shampoo.

Saw Palmetto has been found to be an effective remedy for hair loss, because it blocks over-secretion of the male hormone androgen, believed to be one of the principal causes of hair loss. However, women undergoing hormone replacement therapy or taking oral contraceptive pills should not use this herb.

The herbs rosemary, nettle, peach leaf, burdock and sage, when mixed together and boiled in water and strained, gives a potion which when used to wash the hair regularly results in a thick growth of hair.

Nettles have a high content of Vitamins A and C, as well as several important minerals that aid combat degeneration of the scalp follicles. The enzyme 5-alpha reductase is responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone – the metabolite that is responsible for atrophy of hair follicles. Nettle root extract is has been proved to be effective in inhibiting the enzyme, thereby preventing excessive production of DHT and averting hair loss.

The beneficial effects of Aloe Vera on the skin are countless. It heals the scalp, balances the H level of the scalp and helps relax the pores on the scalp. A little wheat germ oil and coconut milk, when mixed with Aloe Vera and used as a hair-rinse, produces miraculous results.

Natural cures and strategies to regain control of your weight.

Historically, up until about 100 years ago our diet consisted of approximately equal amounts of omega-3s and omega-6s. However, today we get about 20 times more omega-6s than omega-3s. This is because omega-6s are high in all the standard oils that we find in our processed foods, like corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil. And omega-3s are mostly in fish, some nuts, flax and hemp seeds. Most people today just eat far more of the foods high in omega-6s and low in omega-3s – thus, the imbalance.

In fact, omega-3 deficiency has now been implicated in some forms of major depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes and heart disease. That's why so many products today are pushing their omega-3 content as a health benefit.

So now for the new stuff. We are starting to generate some data in my own lab that suggest a diet high in omega-6s (similar to the typical western diet) actually increases weight gain. When we put certain types of rats that are ‘pre-diabetic' on a balanced omega-3 : omega-6 diet, they don't gain much weight. But when we put them on the high omega-6 diet they gain a lot of weight. The kicker is that the two diets are identical in the amount of calories and the rats eat the same amount. That means that it's not just the calories from fat, but the type of fat (high omega-6s) that is really causing the weight gain.

The other thing about a high omega-6 diet that we are finding is that if the rats get a little stressed on the high omega-6 diet then they tend to start eating a lot more. In contrast, a little stress while eating the balanced omega-3 : omega-6 diet does not cause them to overeat.

So there may be a viscous cycle here: The combination of a high omega-6 diet (typical western diet) and stress (who does feel that) make you eat more AND pack on more pounds relative to a balanced diet. So we are eating diets that make us fat and make us want to eat more.

The bottom line for you is, try to increase your omega-3 intake by eating stuff high in omega-3s, and cut back on the omega-6s by limiting the processed foods that have oils from corn, safflower, sunflower or soy as major ingredients. But please don't confuse soybean oil with soy protein. Soy protein is associated with lower risk of certain cancers and general cardiovascular health.

If you think about it, this all makes a lot of sense. We evolved as a species growing up mostly next to large bodies of water and ate lots of fish through most of our history. It was only the advent of agriculture that drove us farther in land, and this happened relatively late on the physiological evolution scale.

Today, we are warned about the dangers of too much fish because of the potential for high mercury and PCB content. If you are going to take a fish oil supplement, as I do, make sure you check the back of the label to make sure it state that these contaminants have been purified away. But you can also do well by cutting back on the omega-6s and getting some more non-fish sources of omega-3s, like walnuts and flaxseed.

These strategies will help you heart, liver and brain and help you regain control of your weight.

How To Eat For Your Healthy Heart

Bad cholesterol or a bad diet is something we all experience at some point in time. It's impossible to eat healthy our whole lives, even though we may try hard to do it. Eating healthy for your heart is something everyone should try to do, especially when it comes to restoring health and reducing heart attacks.

Your heart and food. We know these things for sure - a diet high in saturated fats will help raise your cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease. People that are obese are more prone to heart disease. A diet high in sodium may elevate your blood pressure, leading to inflammation and even heart disease.

To help prevent heart disease and improve your health, put the tips below to good use.

Eat plenty of fish. Herring, sardines, and salmon are all excellent sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Other fish are great to, although Omega 3 may help to get your cholesterol down to a healthier level.

Choosing healthy fats and oil. Saturated fat will increase the risk of heart disease. It's found in meat, butter, and even coconut oil. You should avoid them until your cholesterol levels are down and you are at a healthy weight. Even those that love red meats can enjoy seafood and nuts for their main sources of protein.

Monounsaturated fats such as olive oils will help you to protect your heart. Olive oil is an ideal choice for cooking, dressing, or even as a dipping sauce.

Plenty of fiber. Fiber can help you control your cholesterol. You can find fiber in whole grain products to help control sugar absorption as well, which will help you keep your digestive system healthy.

Choosing carbohydrates. Eating for your heart involves staying away from sugary foods such as candy, cookies, cakes, and pastries. Eating a lot of sugar isn't good for your heart disease at all. Healthy carbohydrates involve whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and a lot of vegetables. You should make fruits and vegetables the main aspect of your diet.

Healthy cooking methods. Stir frying and sautéing with olive oil or canola oil are both great methods, as you shouldn't dip your food in batter and fry it anymore. If you cook chicken, remove the skin and bake it in the oven in foil.

Instead of frying your fish you should always bake it. Steaming your vegetables can help maintain the most nutrients. You should use cream sauces or lots of butter anymore either. When you eat vegetables, try squeezing lemon juice on them or using your favorite seasonings.

As you make the proper changes to your diet, keep in mind that it takes time for them to become habits. Eating healthy is always great for your body and your lifestyle, especially when it comes to your heart and the prevention of heart disease.

Copyright (c) 2007 Stewart Levison

Natural Cures: The Confusion?

There is a lot of confusion and controversy regarding the topic of natural cures. What is natural cures? Does it really work? Do many people use natural therapies? What's the reasoning behind natural medicine? How do I find out which nutrients to take? Why doesn't my doctor prescribe these nutrients if they are so effective? Why do the labels on vitamins, mineral and herbs say that they are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease? Let's address each these questions.

What is a natural cure?
Terms such as natural cures, natural medicine and naturopathy are very similar and used intermittently. They all refer to a form of health care that uses diet, herbs, vitamins and minerals to prevent or cure bodily diseases. The goal is to strengthen the body's immune system so that the body can cure itself of an existing disease or prevent other diseases from forming, without the use of synthetic drugs.

Does it really work?
Speaking from personal experience, yes. I have been cured of repeating bouts of sinusitis, my wife has had relief from arthritis and acid reflux and my daughter has had a reduction in pain from a pancreatic condition. However, for someone who has never experienced it, it is hard to believe that something as simple vitamin C can help where medicines have not. No belief is necessary; the proof is in trying it.

Do many people use natural therapies?
Yes, today, many people are choosing to use natural therapies (In varying degrees) over orthodox medical treatment because they are safer, less expensive, and in many instances more effective than drugs.

What's the reasoning behind natural medicine?
Most drugs are poisonous to the body. Want proof? Just read the warning labels as to the possible side effects. Some drugs even list "death" as a side effect! I think "death" is more than a side effect. In most cases, drugs only mask the symptoms of a disease and trick our brains that the pain and discomfort has diminished or left. Actually, the disease is still present in the body and will run its course until your body's immune system (if it's strong enough) either destroys or eliminates it. Drugs only address the symptoms of a disease not the causes. Natural medicine addresses the causes of a disease. For example, one cause of a migraine headache is a deficiency of magnesium in the body; not a deficiency of aspirin. Taking aspirin will relieve the pain symptom, but not the cause of the pain. Taking a magnesium supplement will eliminate the deficiency which in turn will cure the headache.

How do I find out which nutrients to take?
Most people find out what to take through self-study and research, They'll read books, websites, magazines etc. pertaining to the subject. Many people also learn by the word of mouth from people who have tried a natural remedy and had great success. You may also seek out a course on natural medicine or a naturopathic doctor (but they may be hard to find).

Why doesn't my doctor prescribe these nutrients if they are so effective?
There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that he/she probably has not had any training whatsoever in vitamins, minerals and herbs. Most medical doctors (MDs) have been taught from day one that treating the symptoms with drugs is the only reasonable therapy and to be closed-minded to anything else. Pharmacists are taught the same way. Want proof? Just ask your doctor or pharmacist if they took any classes on natural medicines when they were in school. However, a doctor of osteopathy (DO) is a little less closed-minded because they're trained more in preventative medicine and do have some nutrition knowledge.

Another reason that doctors do not prescribe nutrients is because they are pressured by the pharmaceutical companies and their own peers not to. There exists within the medical community an unwritten rule of consensus medicine, a protocol of not "bucking the system". Drug companies cannot patent nutrients and control their prices like they can with the chemical drugs they manufacture. Therefore, they pressure medical review boards to pressure their member doctors to follow protocol and prescribe only drug therapies whether they work or not. The doctors that deviate from this protocol may lose their professional standing, be condemned as a quack, lose hospital privileges and possibly be subject to arrest.

Why do nutrients have disclaimer labels?
Why do the labels on vitamins, mineral and herbs say that they are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease?
Again, this is the result from the efforts of the pharmaceutical companies to control the medical marketplace. They lobbied the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have Congress pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which states that only a drug can legally make a claim to treating, curing or preventing any disease. Therefore, nutritional supplement manufacturers must have that disclaimer label on all their products or risk being shut down by the FDA.

In conclusion, the primary cause of all the confusion concerning natural cures can be traced back to the elites of the drugs industry. These elitists are only concerned about corporate profits and have absolutely no concern for the general public. Many ill people, who may be helped or cured by a natural remedy, will suffer and die because of this greed.

Explainations as to why there is such confusion and controversy about natural cures.

Effectivity of herbal Remedies As Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer

The debate surrounding the effectiveness of using natural cures for prostate cancer has gone on for quite some time. Although some people are advocating the use of herbal medicines and other natural processes in treating cancer, most of the scientific community is still hesitant to endorse such options.

According to some medical societies, natural cures for prostate cancer are not accurately termed since these natural procedures and materials cannot really cure cancer but are mostly used to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Natural treatment methods are usually based on proper nutrition. Herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are the most common basic ingredients of these so-called natural cures.

Most natural treatment options are based on herbs or antioxidants. In studies advocating the use of natural methods for treating prostate cancer, saw palmetto is often highlighted. This herb is primarily known for its anabolic properties and is more commonly used in treating benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The herb operates by inhibiting the synthesis of growth-stimulating dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and promoting DHT elimination through the lowering of estrogen levels.

According to several clinical studies, saw palmetto is actually more effective in treating enlarged prostate than the prescribed drug, Proscar. These studies also argue that using the herb is better than using Proscar since the latter is more expensive and is associated with several side effects that include erectile dysfunction.

Another popular herbal remedy promoted by a number of studies is pygeum. Pygeum is an indigenous African remedy derived from tree bark. This herbal remedy contains chemicals that inhibit DHT synthesis and is often used to treat enlarged prostate. Aside from saw palmetto and pygeum, there is another herbal remedy that has become popular among natural cure advocates, and this is Cernilton. This herbal product is prepared from the extract of rye pollen and is used to treat BPH and prostatitis. In some parts of the world, the herb stinging nettle is also used to cure prostate disorders. This herb is marketed in the Europe under the name Bazoton.

Some natural remedies for prostate cancer and other prostate disorders use antioxidants as their primary ingredients. Lycopene, resveratrol and selenium are among some of the more common of these antioxidants. Most herbal remedies or antioxidant-based cures are marketed as supplements since absolute confirmation of their ability to cure cancer has yet to be issued by medical and health authorities.

The effectiveness of natural cures for prostate cancer has not yet been fully agreed on and some medical societies still oppose the use of these remedies. Nevertheless, advocates of these methods are continuously promoting them as treatment options for cancer.

Natural Cures for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland usually caused by a migrant bacterial infection originating from another part of the anatomy. When this inflammation develops all of a sudden, it is called acute prostasis; when it builds up over time, it is called chronic prostatitis. Having prostatitis is very unpleasant and a man who has it lives a very unnatural and uncomfortable life - but having it is not the end of the world; there are cures to it. While traditional cures are present and varied, there is another school of thought that believes natural cures for prostatitis are even more effective.

Benign prostatitic hyperplasia, or BPH, is the nonmalignant enlargement of the prostate which often afflicts men whose age is over-60. This disease could often cause nocturia, the uncomfortable sensation that one has to wake up at night because he feels like he needs to go to the bathroom. This sensation may or not mean urinating normal volume of liquid - often, the volume is minimal and there is pain in the process.

Not only are these natural cures for prostatitis effective, the benefits are also more lasting. And, since these alternative treatment are herbal and, therefore, organic by nature, the debilitating side effects that are characteristic in most traditional medications are simply not there. Take saw palmetto, for example; the extract from this herb is widely popular for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlargement of the prostate gland. Oral ingestion of saw palmetto extract in small doses and on a regular basis inhibits the actions of testosterone on the prostate which is known to cause enlargement of the prostate interfering with the natural urinary flow.

Another one of these wonder natural cures for prostatitis is pygeum africanum, extracted from the sap of the evergreen African prune tree that grows in central and southern Africa. It is as popular, and has similar actions, as the saw palmetto extract in the treatment of BPH. Both of these famous extracts are also believed to be effective in curing other prostate-related problems like erectile dysfunction and impotence. These are also rumored to make good aphrodisiacs!

Saw palmetto and pygeum africanum are both used alternatively in the same pharmacologic sense, often in the same dosage, and both are recommended to be taken continuously to obtain the ultimate benefit, even after the infection has subsided. Other herbal extracts in the list of often-administered natural cures for prostatitis are Cernilton, extracted from rye pollen, and Bazoton herb extract. Benefits from ingestion of natural honey, ginseng extract and the pristine water from young coconuts are also among the popular natural cures for prostatitis. Of course, for overall wellness, these natural cures for prostatitis should always be coupled with physical exercises - a healthy body has natural resistance to diseases in its system.

Natural Cures for Halitosis

Halitosis is bad breath problem. But is there natural cure for halitosis? When you have halitosis or bad breath, its embarrassment and unpleasant condition and can ruin your relationships.

If you have halitosis or bad breath problem, you must find the best solution to solve your problem. Instead you only hide your unpleasant mouth odor with breath freshener product every time, its means you must keeping buy them and use all of them in your life. But don’t you know when you using the breath freshener can make worst your problem?

The best solution is natural cure for halitosis or bad breath. Natural cure for halitosis is home remedy for cure your halitosis and to solve to end the problem. It’s more popular now because it has been proved by many people that home remedy can cure halitosis naturally to the end of problem with no dangerous side effect and stop for coming back to you.

If you concern about having halitosis, there are some helpful tips about natural cure for halitosis, using home remedy to prevent or cure your halitosis or bad breath.

Some of natural home remedies for cure halitosis that might prevent or cure your halitosis include:

- Good oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth and scrape your tongue properly and regularly everyday.

- Choice the right mouthwash product. Avoid mouthwash rinses product that containing alcohol, it can make worse halitosis.

- Mixed baking soda with warm water and then rinse your mouth with this mixture also helpful to reducing halitosis.

- Dip your tooth brush into baking soda and brush your teeth using that and then rinse with water. Baking soda is great remedy for halitosis. It changes the pH in your mouth and makes it a less friendly environment for many bacteria in your mouth.

- Oranges and lemons (citrus fruits) are very good at stimulating saliva and help to suppress the activity of some odor-causing enzymes. Mixed half a lemon with warm water and then rinse your mouth using the mixture.

- Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist.

- Food with a well-balanced diet consisting of more carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help to get rid of halitosis

There are some helpful tips about natural cure for halitosis. You can try which works the best for you. For information, mouthwash products are generally cosmetic. It just masks your halitosis problem temporary and has NO long-lasting effect on your halitosis.

So do you want constantly use a breath freshener to hide unpleasant halitosis or bad breath all the rest of your life? Or find the best remedy natural cure for halitosis now and forever?

When you realized that you have halitosis problem, just looking for a possible cure for your halitosis, NOT just masking the problem. Remedy for halitosis is your best natural cure for halitosis and solve your problem FOREVER.

Top 10 Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer

Complementary and alternative therapies for cancer of the prostate are health care practices that are not usually part of common medical treatment methods. These therapies can include natural cures for prostate cancer such as herbs, vitamins and minerals and dietary supplements. They can also be procedures such as acupuncture, massage, homeopathy and the use of magnetic fields.

Most medical societies are not advocating natural cures for prostate cancer as a lone treatment method. According to them, these alternative therapies should be used in conjunction with regular treatment options and should not be expected to cure cancer. Some scientists are against the use of these alternative methods because they allegedly create false hopes. Scientists have warned that alternative cures should be considered as methods designed to improve the quality of life of a cancer patient and not to treat cancer. They also cautioned that although some alternative therapies are harmless, they might detract, delay or interfere with regular therapy which could create negative results.

One example of these alternative therapies is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a treatment philosophy that follows the like-cures-like principle. The basic principle is that substances that cause symptoms of illness in healthy people can be used in small doses to cure similar symptoms among those who are ill. Advocates of this philosophy have recommended Chimapilla, umbellata, Clematis, Causticum, Staphysagria and Bartya carb as homeopathic remedies.

Some studies have also advocated the use of magnetic fields to cure cancer in the prostate. It has been suggested that sitting for hours in a magnetic pad can inhibit the growth of prostate tumors. This result is allegedly due to the ability of the north pole-associated field to slow down the biological growth of a tumor. In this therapy, the magnet's north pole field is the only one used to treat prostate cancer.

Acupuncture and massage are primarily recommended as complementary therapies to relieve some of the stress and tension that can result from being diagnosed with cancer. These procedures are primarily used as complementary and not as alternative treatments. The importance of maintaining a more relaxed body and mind can help a cancer patient cope better with the disease. Most doctors do not oppose the use of massage and acupuncture as long as it does not interfere with a patient's regular treatment regimen.

The debate on the effectiveness of complementary treatments, alternative therapies and natural cures for prostate cancer is still ongoing. For patients, the best thing to do is to discuss with their doctors the advantages and disadvantages of adding these methods to their regular treatment programs.

Anxiety And Panic Cure - Treatments

The best way to cure anxiety and panic is to understand the anxiety condition. It is normal for people to experience feelings of anxiety and panic from to time. It makes us cope from very stressful situations, however, when anxiety becomes too much and turns into irrational fear of everyday circumstances, it becomes a debilitating anxiety disorder.

Unlike short-lived, mild anxiety caused by a stressful event, anxiety disorder lasts at least 6 months and may worsen if not properly and immediately treated.

The best way to cure panic and anxiety feelings is to understand the anxiety condition. Anxiety is a troubled state of mind. Anxiety results from fearful thinking of future events or situations. It is a condition that is not accidental, unknown, or uncontrollable.

Anxiety condition occurs for specific reason and have underlying basis why it persists. Education is an important way to help attain anxiety cure. Here are some of the helpful tips towards anxiety cures which may aid in taking control over your own emotions again.

Using Relaxation techniques - a person feeling anxious most of the time has trouble relaxing, however, Anxiety And Panic Cure One -learning how to release muscle tension is an important anxiety cure. Relaxation techniques include regular muscle relaxation, meditation, abdominal breathing, and isometric relaxation exercise.

Anxiety And Panic Cure Two - Proper breathing techniques- the physical symptoms of anxiety maybe triggered by hyperventilation or rapid breathing, which raises oxygen levels and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. A person with anxiety condition should know how to breathe from their diaphragm, and not from their chest, to prevent against hyperventilation. This technique can help you calm down while feeling anxious.

Anxiety And Panic Cure Three - Cognitive therapy- this technique focuses on altering patterns of thinking and beliefs that are associated with ad trigger anxiety. The basis of cognitive therapy is that ideas can trigger thoughts, which then trigger feelings, results manifest trough action.

Cognitive therapy strategies should include rational self talk, training on attention, reality testing cognitive challenging, and cognitive restructuring. This means monitoring your self talk, challenging fears and beliefs, and checking out the negative thoughts in terms of their reality.

Anxiety and Panic Cure Four - Behavior therapy- the major component of behavior therapy is exposure. Exposure therapy involves deliberately confronting your fears in order to desensitize yourself. Exposure lets you to redefine the danger or fear aspect of the situation or trigger.

Anxiety and Panic Cure Five - Medication- is important to see medication as a short term measure, not a solution to anxiety disorder. Studies show that psychological therapies are much more effective than drugs in managing anxiety disorder in the long run. Brief course of tranquilizers or antidepressants may be prescribed by your doctor to help you deal with the symptoms.

Anxiety and Panic Cure Six - Dietary adjustments - inadequate intake of vitamin B and calcium can worsen anxiety symptoms. Nicotine, caffeine, and stimulant drugs should be avoided for they trigger your adrenaline glands to release adrenaline, one of the main stress chemical.

Anxiety and Panic Cure Seven - Exercise burns up stress chemicals and promotes relaxation. Plan to do some physical activities at least 3 to 4 times a week and vary your activities to avoid boredom.

There is always an effective anxiety and panic cure, however, the level of recovery depends on the participation and willingness of the person with anxiety condition. The sooner you can get treatment, the bigger your chance of getting better and be back to normal health.

Article Source: ABC Article Directory Do you or does someone you know suffer from anxiety or depression? 1000s of people who suffer from anxiety have been cured in the comfort of their own home without anxiety medication, psychological visits and herbal remedies. Find out more at www.anxiety.getwhatyouwant1.com today!

Treating Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

The toes burn and tingle and sharp pains shoot into your legs. The bed sheets feel uncomfortable on the feet as you toss and turn, trying to get some rest. Your feet felt numb throughout the day, but now feel like they are on fire. Nothing seems to help as you watch the hours on the clock pass by, hoping to fall asleep.

Burning, numbness, tingling, hot and cold sensations, shooting and electrical pain are common sensations felt at rest in painful peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy is an abnormality of the nervous system. There are many different types of neuropathy, but the most common neuropathy effecting diabetics is peripheral neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy is described as a loss of sensation that starts in the tips of the toes and gradually works its way up the legs, and in severe case into the hands. It is sometimes referred to as a stocking glove neuropathy because it progresses as if one was pulling on a stocking.

People still cant undersand the cause of diabetic neuropathy.

Sixty percent of diabetics have some type of neuropathy in their feet. Five percent of diabetics will experience painful diabetic neuropathy and the incidence increases with age. Over 45% of individuals who have had diabetes for over 25 years will experience some symptoms of painful diabetic neuropathy.

Many believe that the damage to the small vessels surrounding the nerves, from the diabetes, causes damage to the nerves. Others believe the increase in blood sugar causes damage to the nerves. Despite the different theories, studies have shown better blood sugar control helps prevent progression of the neuropathy.

There are currently no treatments to help reverse diabetic neuropathy. There are no treatments which help reduce the numbness. But, there are many treatments to help decrease the pain associated with the neuropathy.

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help with the pain. There are many options, but until recently none were FDA approved for the treatment of painful neuropathy. Cymbalta®, duloxetine HCl, was recently approved by the FDA in September of 2004 for use in diabetic peripheral neuropathy at doses of 60 and 120 mg per day. This is the first drug approved for this use. Similar medications, like amitriptyline, desipramine and nortriptyline, have been used to help decrease pain and help with sleep.

Gabapentin, also known as Neurontin®, has been a successful treatment for painful diabetic neuropathy. Neurontin® was originally approved by the FDA for adjunctive use in seizures, but the benefits of this drug for other conditions, like neuropathy, soon became known. The manufacturers of Neurontin® were caught up in a controversy regarding their marketing tactics for this off label use. Many physicians still use this drug despite the controversy. Tegretol and Dilantin, common seizure medications, can be used in more severe cases. New treatments include lidocaine 5% cream, acetyl-L-canitine, nerve growth factor and Annodyne ®, infrared therapy.

To help treat painful peripheral neuropathy without prescription medications, follow the tips:

1. Keep your blood sugar in control: Studies have shown that when blood sugars remain high, or roller coaster from high to low, peripheral neuropathy will worsen.

2. Exercise. This is probably the last thing you wanted to hear. Exercise helps increase circulation and stimulates the growth of new vessels which help slow the progression of the neuropathy. Exercising also helps to increase your pain threshold and to provide a distraction from the nerve pain in your feet.

3. Eat healthy. Besides helping to control your blood sugar, eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will add anti-oxidants to your diet. Anti-oxidants will combat the damaging oxidative effects glucose has on your nerves. In particular, try dark-green, leafy vegetables, yellow, orange, and red fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

4. Try red pepper powder. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chile peppers. When applied to the feet it acts as a counter-irritant and can help decrease neuropathic pain. Capsaicin can be purchased at your local drug store. If you cannot afford capsaicin, try mixing 1 tablespoon of dry chile powder with 2 tablespoons of baby powder. Place the mixture in a sock and use the socks at night.

5. Try alpha lipoic acid. ALA is an effective anti-oxidant that has been shown to relieve pain associated with neuropathy in multiple studies. To help relieve pain, the dose must be at least 600mg a day. It is advisable to start with a lower dose, as higher doses can cause nausea, stomach upset, fatigue, insomnia and can lower blood sugar. In general, ALA is a safe supplement.

6. Try gamma linolenic acid. GLA is an essential fatty acid found in evening primrose oil. Most of the studies have shown modest results, but the possibilities are still encouraging. Take 360mg/day. Many indications require higher dosages, but side effects with long term use at higher doses may include inflammation, thrombosis (blood clots), or decreased immune system functioning.

Treating painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy is very difficult and many of the above mentioned therapies should be tried and combined. Don't expect any "cures" and make sure you give each therapy a chance to work.

Depression cure without Drugs

First of all, this question of trying to naturally cure depression without drugs seems to be futile, especially these days when most people have gotten used to the idea of being treated with prescriptions drugs. But many people are successfully turning away from prescription drugs and finding alternative methods of treatment – without drugs. Those suffering from depression, too, are taking recourse to drugless therapies, which generally do not cause any side-effects and are typically much more economical.

Low light blues

Depending upon the cause of your depression, you will need to choose an appropriate type of therapy. If your depressive disorder manifests itself in winter, when days are short and daylight is sparse, you may effectively make use of phototherapy. Bright light therapy, or blue light therapy, given with the help of a light box, is believed to reduce or remove the cause of this type of depression.


Psychotherapy will be helpful in cases in which psychological factors like skewed thought patterns are identified to have caused depression. In such cases, psychotherapy or counseling will work better if there is good understanding and a solid rapport between the counselor and the patient. Depending on the severity of the disorder, long and frequent counseling sessions may be necessary due to the patient’s distorted thought patterns. Thought patterns, personal relationships, and low self-esteem must be corrected. Self-loathing has to be converted onto self-love and stress has to be lowered or eliminated and so on. By and large, the most important thing is the approach the counselor brings to the table as well as the counselor-patient relationship.


Physical exercise is also considered to be very good as a cure for depression, particularly when it is combined with psychotherapy. It is an effective method to get rid of excessive stress, which may cause depression. Although it may be rather difficult to make severely depressed people physically active, persistent efforts aimed at motivating them to get involved in regular physical activities are likely to be successful. In practice, group physical activities are known to alleviate depression by cutting at its root causes like traumatic breakdown in personal relationships and stress-related factors.

Food and Diet

In certain cases of depression, dietary supplements like those which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (particularly those found naturally in oily fish) work as a cure. Products containing chocolate and Vitamin B-12 are proven to work as antidepressants. Some herbal substances are also found to be effective. When depression occurs due to misuse of alcohol and other intoxicants, caffeine, sleep-inducing drugs and sedatives, the obvious cure lies in teaching the patient not to use these depression triggers.

Meditation and prayer

Meditation and deep breathing exercises are being increasingly used as a means of treating depression without drugs. These have produced results proven to be very effective especially when practiced regularly over a considerable period of time. The calming effect of meditation on the mind has a positive impact for depression sufferers. Prayer and spirituality may also be useful in this regard.

Rehabilitation of depressed people is a family and social responsibility. Often times a depressed person is just looking for the attention of loved ones. Attempts to treat depression by drugs alone will not be successful. For this reason, the stigma that is associated with mental illnesses like depression has to be discarded. Loved ones must not discriminate against depressed people because this can make the problem worse. Love and support is the best way to start looking for a cure for depression.

Hyperhidrosis Natural cures

Menopause is a natural occurrence for women and it is something which every woman will face at some point in her life. Fortunately, studies have been done in order to provide herbal treatments and remedies for women going through this stage. Herbal remedies, as controversial as they are, can potentially provide positive effects for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Here are some common menopausal symptoms and the best form of herbal remedy associated with each:

Herbal Remedy � Black Cohosh (also known as squaw root, black snake root or rattle weed) has been studied and is proven as a reputable treatment for hot flashes.

� Insomnia � Many women experiencing menopausal symptoms also have difficulty sleeping. If you suffer from sleeplessness on a regular basis, you probably suffer from chronic insomnia.

Herbal Remedies � Kava (or Kawa) is used throughout the world as a remedy for anxiety and insomnia. Other remedies proven effective for treating insomnia and sleeplessness are Valerian root and HOPS.

� Depression and Mood Swings � Although most people joke about women becoming depressed and moody during menopause, these symptoms are very serious and if not treated properly can become dangerous and harmful.

Herbal Remedy � St. John's Wart (also known as goat weed) has proven to be an affective antidepressant in reversing the feelings of depression which many menopausal women experience.

� Abnormal Hair Growth � Abnormal hair growth (also called hirsuitism) is perhaps one of the most embarrassing symptoms for women suffering from menopause. Abnormal hair growth can occur anywhere, although above the upper lip is usually a common target.

Herbal Remedy � Saw Palmetto (also known as Serenoa repens or windmill palm) is used for treating men with enlarged prostates as well as for women who are experiencing abnormal hair growth during menopause.

Menopause is a difficult time for every woman, but every woman must face it at some point. Approaching menopause with a positive attitude has been proven to reduce the likeliness of some menopausal symptoms like depression and anxiety. Researching remedies and treatments is the best way to prepare for this stage of your life. This way, when it does happen, you're aware of what to expect and the best ways to deal with it.

About the Author: Caren Killtral found out the hard way that Menopause can hit a woman with force even earlier than most expect. She has spent several years learning all she can to help not only her own symptoms, but other women going through menopause as well. She works as a contributing editor for http://www.menopauseinsight.com Source: www.isnare.com

Natural Cure for Diabetes

Food Therapy should be followed under the supervision from your doctor. Check your sugar level frequently so that sugar levels do not go beyond the recommended level

Which Food do you have to avoid

It is always advisable to avoid some foods if you are diabetic such as refined sugar, sweets, syrups, glucose, jam, molasses, fruit sugar, ice-cream, cakes, pastries, sweet biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, condensed milk, cream and fried foods. Fats like butter, ghee and hydrogenated vegetable oil should also be avoided. White sugar and white flour should be reduced drastically. Avoid all processed foods, junk food, pastries, cookies, canned and preserved foods. They contain harmful preservatives and lot of salt. Avoid soft drinks since these have a lot of sugar. Try to avoid fried foods from your diet.
Smoking results in the using up of oxygen in the body. It will result in less of oxygen needed by the body to metabolize glucose. So smoking should be avoided.

Foods to be limited

Salt consumption should be reduced to a minimum. You will get enough salt form the vegetables and fruits you eat. Reduce animal foods especially red meats. Reduce poultry and egg. Reduce caffeine and alcohol. Do not drink tea and coffee more than 2 cups a day. Try to replace it with green tea or herbal teas like Parsley tea, Blueberry leaf, Tea made of tender walnut tree leaves, Water in which kidney bean pods have been cooked is good diabetes.

Do not consume alcohol in empty stomach. Alcohol on an empty stomach can cause low blood glucose or hypoglycemia.Foods that should be consumed in moderation are honey and other natural sugars like palm sugar, dates which can be used instead of white sugar. Remember these should be consumed in very little quantity only.Pasta, coconut, other nuts, unsweetened juices, eggs should be limited. You can replace it with whole grain, unpolished rice and Soya products. Try to eat whole grain bread instead of white flour. Fats like olive oil and peanut oil are more advisable that hydrogenated fats. Low fat food like skimmed milk and low fat home made cottage cheese can be taken in moderation. You can also substitute it with yoghurt. Sea food and fish also can be taken in moderation.

Foods to be taken

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
An alkaline diet with natural food is recommended. Wholegrain, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and dairy products form a good diet for the diabetic. Raw vegetables can be taken in high quantities. It has been found that cooked foods raise blood glucose higher than raw, unpeeled foods. Cooking destroys many of the enzymes and some vitamins and minerals.

Eat at least five fruits every day. Fruits like grape fruit, pomegranate juice, Indian blackberry, banana, granny smith apples, fig, cranberries, black berry, kiwi fruits, and citrus fruits are highly recommended. It can be taken as a snack. Cucumber, Lettuce, onion, garlic string beans cucumber radish, tomato, carrot, leaves; spinach turnip, cabbage and Jerusalem artichoke are good for diabetes. Colorful vegetables are good for the functioning of pancreas. Drink Fruit juices without sugar. Brewer’s yeast and sprouted alfalfa and mung beans are good for the body. Unripe banana also can be cooked and eaten.

The most important of all is eating high fiber diet which lowers need for insulin. It releases energy into the body slowly. It has also been found that diabetes decreases and may even disappear in people eating a high fiber or whole food diet. High fiber diet has more chromium and chromium is very good for people with diabetes.
Eat lot of potassium rich foods like raw peanuts, tomato, bananas, melons, dried peas, potatoes, apple cider vinegar, skimmed milk powder, wheat but do not take potassium supplements.

Include soluble fiber in your meals like barley, oatmeal, almond meal, dried beans, kidney beans, cooked black beans, peas, cereals, chickpeas, Bengal gram which has low glycemic index, , Black gram, lentils and corn or garbanzo beans to helps considerably in reducing blood sugar levels. Soy products like tofu, tempeh, soymilk, soya powder, soy bean sprouts, nuggets etc are also very good in containing neurological complications in diabetes. You can make bread out of any of the whole grains. Get a lot of soluble fiber into your diet. When you eat lots of bread, cereal and starchy vegetables you will get enough of starches which is very helpful for diabetes. Insoluble fibers, found in bran (oat bran, wheat bran), whole grain breads, whole grains and nuts, act as intestinal scrubbers by cleaning out the lower gastrointestinal tract. Fiber cleans your intestinal tract by moving out the food so that it wouldn’t stay there and putrefy. Butter milk and yoghurt diet are very beneficial.

Helpful herbs and vegetables

1. Bitter Gourd (Karela): Bitter gourd Momordica-charantia or bitter melon juice contains plant insulin and should be taken 2 ounce 2 times daily on an empty stomach. It is found to be very effective for diabetes.
It can be cooked as any vegetable and eaten.
The bitter melon powder can be made by drying. Take bitter gourd powder I teaspoon daily in empty stomach.

2. Taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day may help prevent the onset of diabetes. Even soaking a cinnamon sticks in your tea, could also benefit non-diabetics who have blood sugar problem but are unaware of it.

3. 30 gram fenugreek seeds can be soaked in a glass of water at night and after 12 hours take it and grind it into a paste with the soaked water and drink it on a empty stomach.
2 teaspoon if powdered seeds can be taken with water or milk.
You can add fenugreek into anything you cook.

4. Eating upto 3 grapefruits a day has also been helpful.

5. 1 tablespoon of amla (Emblica officinalis) after removing the seeds extract the juice and mix with a cup of bitter gourd juice and take daily for 2months in a empty stomach.

6. Gymnema Sylvestre a traditional ayurvedic herb the leaf of which is to be taken up to 4 grams per day.

7. Indian blackberry seeds or Jamun seed powder (scientific name of Jamun is Eugenia jambolana or Syzygium cumini L and) is very good for diabetes. Take 1/4th teaspoon with 1 teasoon honey for 50 days.

8. Eating freshly crushed raw garlic 3-4 grams a day lowers blood sugar. You can wash it down with a glass of water.

9. Neem seeds daily 2 times a pinch. Taking a gram of neem leaf daily helps in diabetes.

10. Bael (Aegle marmelos) : The leave of the bael tree when chewed are very useful in diabetes. Pulp of this fruit could be dried and taken in doses of 5 to 10 gms a day.

11. A pinch of pure turmeric powders mixed in amla juice (Indian goose berry) and eat daily in empty stomach.

12. Use of turmeric and gooseberry in equal quantities in powder form taken with warm water is very useful in this behalf. These activate the pancreatic cells and more insulin is produced.

13. Wild jeerakam cumin seeds black colored 60 gm in 1 liter and boil a reduce it ti 1/4th liter and take half divide it into two equal parts and drink one part in the morning and one in the evening 2 times daily.

14. Grind (Bacopa monnieri )Bhrahmi and add a teaspoon of it to milk and drink.

Vitamins that help

Supplements in natural forms are more conducive to the body.
Magnesium supplementation has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.
Vitamin C: 500 mg is recommended. Vitamin E: This vitamin is very valuable for diabetes. A daily dose of 200 i.u. of Vitamin E is recommended for a fortnight at a time.
Chromium: Whole grains, seeds, mushrooms, corn oil and brewer’s yeast are relatively good sources of biologically valuable chromium.
Vitamin A:. Take A dose of 15,000i.u. on alternate days.
Vitamin B: Avoid large dosage of vitamin B because this vitamin interferes with the absorption of insulin by cells.

Things to do

Controlling your Weight is the best way to treat diabetes. Exercise improves the body's response to insulin. An exercise program should be started only with the advice of a doctor to avoid unnecessary complications. Walking, light games, jogging and swimming are also good.

Yoga can help a lot. To relieve stress do meditation once a day for 10 to 40 minutes. Yogic asanas like Siddhasana, Vajrasana, Talasana, Yastikasana,, like Yogamudra, Hastapadasana, Paschimottanasana, Chakrasana, Ustrasana, Bhujangasana, Sarvangasana and Viparitakarani, as halasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana, Pratipaksabhavana and shavasana will also be beneficial.

Anita Cherrys is a health enthusiast who offers informative tips on certified organic products. For more information on health visit http://www.healthinfoforyou.com/an/natural-cure-for-diabetes.htm

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Cold Sore Natural Remedy

Now a days, there is a variety of essential oils, roots, and herbs available to support healthy living. These natural products can be used for treating ailments, flavoring your food, skin care, create perfumes, and manufacture environmentally safe cleaning products.

If you do not have room for a garden, a few herbs planted by a sunny window are enough to get you started. Subsequently, all you will need then are some essential oils and you are ready to embark on a wonderful journey to natural herbal remedies and medicine.

Essential oils versus blended oils.

The first to consider is the essential oils. Only the purest oils will do for therapeutic purposes. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are purchasing pure oil when in fact it is a blend of several oils. Blended oils are acceptable for fragrance such as perfuming a room, but pure oils are necessary for medicinal intent.

A general guide to the purity of oil is its price. Pure oils are normally more expensive. For instance, common oils such as lavender and geranium are less expensive than frankincense and carnation oil. Therefore, it is advisable to become familiar with essential oil prices and then rely on this knowledge when purchasing oils. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In addition, a price list from a reputable dealer is a valuable resource when buying essentials oils.

Typically, pure oils cannot be applied directly to the skin and must be mixed with a base oil to lessen their strength. Base oils such as almond oil or wheat germ oil are generally used for this purpose. Base oils are generally derived from seeds, nuts, or vegetables.

Basic oils and natural remedies.

Lavender, without a doubt, is one of the most useful and desirable oils. It will work wonders on cuts, bruises and burns, and promotes sleep and relaxation.

The Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils are useful for treating a variety of respiratory ailments. These are excellent medication for colds and coughs. These oils can be massaged into the chest or burned in an oil burner to help clear the airways and prevent congestion. Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can be dabbed on cuts, bites and stings. It is often used to treat spots and pimples and when diluted with water, acts as a mouth gargle (keep in-mind it should never be swallowed).

Peppermint oil treats digestive upsets and may be used for breath freshening.

Geranium oil with its characteristic perfume and pain relieving properties is a basic antiseptic. This herbal remedy should be part of your essential oil and natural herbal remedies garden.
Patchouli and Ylang-ylang oils in an oil burner can perfume a room and add a sense of ambience. Orange oil mixed with Cinnamon oil is a pleasant winter scent that brings to mind seasonal holiday smells. But if its not enouth, their perfume qualities, all four of these oils have other properties. Patchouli treats eczema and dandruff. Ylang-ylang is reputed to relieve stress, palpitations, and high blood pressure. Orange is used in natural remedies for depression and nervous tension. Cinnamon is excellent for warts and viral infections.

Thyme and Rosemary are considered herbs and can be grown in pots and used when needed. Both of these herbs can be used to create oils or flavor food. Thyme and Rosemary are also antiseptics and can be used in skin care preparations.

Lemon oil and fresh lemons will purify water. When lemon is mixed with honey, it is an effective herbal remedies for colds and flu. Lemon and white vinegar are highly effective cleaning agents that can be used for domestic cleaning tasks without damaging the environment. White vinegar is a natural disinfectant or mix it with water to clean windows and wooden floors.

If you want to keep the insects away this summer, Citronella oil or Garlic will do. Add a capsule of garlic to your dog's food and your dog will not be bothered by fleas. You could also soak a soft dog collar in Citronella to keep fleas and mosquitoes at bay.

Garlic helps to promote a healthy immune system. When the weather turns cold and the viruses begin to circulate, adding garlic to your diet will leave you less susceptible. In fact, most of the oils and herbs listed above are effective in helping to prevent many common winter illnesses.

If you are looking for natural herbal remedies or nature friendly products, the oils and herbal remedies recommended above should help you get started.

About the Author:
For more information about natural herbal remedies and herbal medicine, visit these sites http://www.naturalherbalremediesinfo.com and http://www.herbalmedicineinfo.com Source: www.isnare.com

Insomnia natural cures

I'm sure it is safe to say that all of us like our sleep. No one likes either being woke up or just not being able to go to sleep. Lack of sleep can cause many health issues as well as attitude problems. Help is on the way as there is natural cure for insomnia without the use of medications. You don't have to live with insomnia forever. Natural cure for insomnia will not only help you sleep, but it has been noted that in some cases, you'll be able to sleep longer and who wouldn't go for that. Most people don't enjoy taking medication and many times can't afford it anyway. This article will talk about some inexpensive ways to cure insomnia and it's all natural.

Insomnia is the act of not being able to sleep. It can be short term or long term. No matter what term, it's miserable not only for the person suffering from it, but anyone else in the home. A natural cure for insomnia can bring peace of mind as well as take care of the problem, as you aren't putting anything unsafe into your body. There are a number of different ideas on natural cure for insomnia that you can choose from, and all have been noted to work. You may just have to use trial and error in finding one that works for your circumstances.

One natural cure for insomnia is taking herbal supplements. These are all natural and won't harm your body. Another natural cure for insomnia is to take two teaspoons of honey in a cup of water, preferably warm. Some teas have been known to induce sleep, such as chamomille, and if you add the honey to this, you will have doubled the chance of inducing sleep.

It is believed that one cause for insomnia is from low levels of melatonin in the brain. Another natural cure for insomnia is to drink a warm glass of milk before going to bed. Milk contains an ingredient called tryptophan, which once consumed, changes to seratonin ( a soothing chemical), which converts to melatonin,( the chemical that triggers sleep). You can boost the amount of melatonin in your body this way and what do they say? Milk does a body good. A few drops of chamomille oil rubbed into the neck and shoulders can work in the same way that warm milk does. One other natural cure for insomnia is aromatherapy. The use of chamomille and lavender has been known to not only induce sleep, but produce a longer duration of sleep.

All of these ideas are a natural cure for insomnia and they are inexpensive to try. You will only need to experiment and see which natural cure for insomnia works best for you.

Natural Cure for Low Cholesterol: Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

If you have trouble managing your cholesterol, you are not alone. According to the American Heart Association, one in three Americans—more than 100 million—struggle with borderline to high cholesterol, leaving themselves at risk for heart attacks and strokes. High cholesterol is such a widespread health concern the U.S. government introduced a program to help people lower their cholesterol levels naturally. The program, launched in 2001, is called Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes or, TLC. The TLC program recommends diet, exercise, weight maintenance, and consuming soluble fiber and plant-based nutrients called sterols and stanols as an all-natural first line of defense in the battle against elevated cholesterol levels.

A recent survey commissioned by Nature Made CholestOff and conducted by Harris Interactive® reveals that 59 percent of U.S. adults who currently have or previously had high cholesterol use lifestyle changes to treat their high cholesterol.

However, millions of people with elevated cholesterol levels have yet to try the program. While most Americans are aware that diet and exercise can help with cholesterol reduction, many are still lacking information about the cholesterol-fighting properties of plant sterols and stanols. More than 50 years of research support using plant sterols and stanols for cholesterol reduction, yet few Americans know about these natural cholesterol fighters.

“Sterols and stanols are found naturally in plants, nuts, corn and rice,” says registered dietitian Rachel Agnew. “They decrease total cholesterol and ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol by blocking cholesterol absorption.”

Agnew says, “One therapeutic option recommended in the TLC program for lowering LDL cholesterol is the intake of 2 grams of plant sterols and stanols daily. The average American gets only 0.2 grams or less a day through their daily diet. That’s far short of where we need to be to promote healthy cholesterol levels.”

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to add plant sterols and stanols to your diet. Specialty foods and beverages made with these ingredients, such as margarine and orange juice, are readily available at most drug and grocery stores.

However, these specialty products can add unwanted fat, calories, and carbohydrates to the diet, which can be a problem for those people trying to maintain a healthy weight. Agnew says one easy and effective alternative way to take plant sterols and stanols is through a dietary supplement called Nature Made CholestOff. “People tell me they prefer CholestOff because it’s convenient and that they know it contains 1.8 grams of sterols and stanols. Unlike specialty food products, there’s no guessing on serving size or portion, it’s just two pills, twice a day. As a registered dietitian, I like it because it’s clinically proven to work and does not add calories, sugar (a major concern for those with diabetes), or fat to a person’s diet.”

Clinical studies show plant sterols and stanols may lower LDL cholesterol by up to 24 percent when used with a low-fat diet and exercise. Doctors have also found that plant sterols and stanols are safe to take with some cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins. Nature Made CholestOff is available in U.S. discount, drug and grocery stores.

Lowering your cholesterol with the TLC program can be easy, especially when you know all of your options. To learn more about plant sterols and stanols, call 1-800-276-2878 or visit www.NatureMade.com.


Methodology: Harris Interactive® fielded the online survey on behalf of Nature Made CholestOff between May 11 and 13, 2005 among a nationwide sample of 2,129 U.S. adults aged 18 or older, of whom 681 currently have or ever had high cholesterol. The data were weighted to be representative of the total U.S. adult population on the basis of region, age within gender, education, household income, race/ethnicity and propensity to be online. Though this online sample is not a probability sample, in theory, with probability samples of this size, one could say with 95 percent certainty that the overall results have a sampling error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. Sampling error for the results of U.S. adults aged 18 or older who currently have or ever had high cholesterol is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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How to treat Weight Loss and Obesity

weight loss, treat obesity reviews-

Barbara in Clyde, NC, USA - I have struggled with weight loss all my life due to a medication taken by my mother during pregnancy in the 50's. Not all weight trouble can be solved by dieting. Research your own health. Take a look at how your parents ate and what your mother did while pregnant with you. Find out your thyroid levels, metabolism, and allergies. Talk to your doctor about these things.

Then, as a common sense measure, stop drinking any type of soda. The chemicals are killing you. Slowly eliminate all packaged and prepared foods, as well as fast food. Get back to basics, its the only way to make your body happy and healthy. There is no such thing as a quick fix. The first step to success is being honest about the problem.

Lose Weight -The only thing that you really need to remember:
Your body gets full when it gets full. Everybody's body has a certain limit. The best way to help you get rid of those extra pounds is to take a drink of any kind of liquid after every bite you swallow. It's a pain in the butt, but when you get full, you'll look down and see more left on your plate. Let some liquids take the place of some of the solids. You will still get full, but the liquids come out of your body quicker than the solids.

Another thing that I have learned from experience: Put smaller portions on your plate, and leave the food in the kitchen. most of us are too lazy to get up and walk to go refill our plates. This insures that you eat less.

Carol in CT

They say that everybody over age 45 is on some kind of diet. But to tell you the truth, I feel like I have been on a diet my whole adult life!

Anyway, here some general tips for weightloss

1. Eat only when you are hungry, not by the clock
2. Chew food thoroughly, and eat slowly
3. Avoid multicourse banquets and buffets
4. Simplify your meals, eat fruits at one meal, vegetables at another. (Protein and starch are difficult to digest together.)
5. Don't overeat, it wears out your organs and stretches out your stomach.
6. Don't drink liquids with your meals or at the end of a meal.(bad habit)
7. Skip the meal if you are overtired, nervous, or stressed about family or business
8. No eating between meals
9. Don't eat fruit at night
10. Give up sugar, salt, vinegar, starch, and foods that contain them
11. Avoid TV snacks and drinks (Oh dear, there goes my Orville popcorn)
12. Stop eating packaged and artificially made foods.(Yikes! What's left?)

I feel like I would starve if I did all this! But I remember a long time ago, someone asked an elderly man what he attributed to his long life, and he answered, "I always leave the table hungry". - weight loss,treat obesity reviews.

Natural cure For Osteoporosis

I'd like to share with you a healing substance that can improve your life and the life of your friends in an extraordinary way. It's a versatile herbal medicine that truly merits the name "a medicine chest in a bottle". Whether you are traveling, at home or at your job, when you need first aid, pain relief, or natural anitibiotic action, this one product can truly "do it all".

Why is Oil of Oregano so special? It is composed of pure olive oil infused with a concentration of oregano that is 85 % carvacrol, which is extremely antiseptic. Thymol is another antiseptic that works synergistically with carvacol, along with 50 other antiseptic and healing compounds. The result is an amazingly broad number of healing properties with applications throughout the body.

Oil of Oregano is a natural, broad-spectrum antibiotic. This means that even if you don't know where an infection originates, the Oil of Oregano will find and attack it. Besides this it is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasite and a remedy for yeast/candida overgrowth.

These wonderful properties make it effective in curing and relieving innumerable maladies, including:

Allergies, Arthritis, Backpain, Boils, Bruises, Congestion, Contusion, Cysts, Ear infection, Infections, Flu, Food poisoning, Fungus, Headaches, Muscle Pains, Otitis media, Parasites, Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Sprains UTI

For more detailed information on how to employ Oil of Oregano for these and more illnesses, visit www.pieternel.com. If you follow the guidelines there, I can guarantee the benefits to your near-term and also long-term health. Oil of Oregano offers a highly rewarding pathway to purification.

Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic that has no side effects. Pharmaceutical antibiotics have many side effects, such as diarrhea and weakening of the immune system. Research even tells us that after we follow 23 cycles of treatment with antibiotics, we have "earned" an increased risk of cancer. Makes you think� no?

Oil of Oregano can also cure insidious yeast infections and candida (which are, interestingly, yet another possible side effect of antibiotics). These stubborn conditions simply require a bit more understanding and a more prolonged approach.

If you think Oil of Oregano sounds like a miracle drug - excuse me, miracle herb - then you've got the point exactly.

Warmly, Pieternel van Giersbergen.

Pieternel Van Giersbergen has been an R.N for over 25 years. She develops natural products for preventive health and is an expert on natural health issues. Her site http://www.pieternel.com has over 120 articles about healing yourself and staying healthy.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedy

Just because something is labeled or deemed "natural' does not mean it comes without risk! Anytime you introduce another substance into your body, whether it be by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption, there are inherent risks.

If you suffer from ANY of the following conditions, PLEASE seek the advice of your doctor before using ANY natural remedy - whether it be aromatherapy oils and blends or herbal teas, tinctures, supplements, salves, etc.

Epilepsy (some oils/herbs can actually send you into a seizure!)
High Blood Pressure
Low Blood Pressure
Skin Sensitivity
Coagulation Disorders
Heart Disease
Liver Disease
Pregnancy/Nursing (there are no safe oils during pregnancy!)
Hormone Replacement Therapy

The golden rules for safety:

1) If you are under the care of a physician, seek his/her advice BEFORE starting therapy.
2) If you are pregnant or nursing, do not utilize natural therapies without the express consent and guidance of your doctor.
3) Keep in mind that many oils are phototoxic - meaning they will increase your sensitivity to the sun. Avoid sun exposure after topical use of essential oils.
4) Do a patch test. Always patch test a new oil or blend on a small area of skin to test for sensitivity. The last thing you want is a huge rash because you didn't know you'd be sensitive to the oil!
5) Natural remedies work well with traditional medicine - the key word being 'with'. If you have any medical conditions, are under a doctor's care for ANY reason, or simply have questions/concerns - talk to your medical professional BEFORE you begin a natural therapy regimen.

Remember - Natural does not mean 'safe'!

About the Author

Dee is a Doctor of Reflexology, Homeopathic Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist, and Reiki Master. Her site is AkobiAromas.com - a source of quality aromatherapy, herbal and reflexology information and products.

Magnetic Therapy to Lower Blood Pressure

The studies carried out by Dr Davis and his colleagues revealed that a maximum drop in blood cholesterol from 222 milligrams to 141 milligrams occurred as a result of magnetic application. A positive effect on reduction of the blood pressure to the extent of 20 to 30 millimeters of mercury was observed in another set of clinical trials when the magnet was applied for a few weeks. The author has obtained marvelous effects of magnetic treatment on the instant lowering of high blood pressure by applying a strong south pole magnet to the right hand of the patient. Thus, the regular application of magnets corrects the dreadful disease which has many frightening consequences including blindness.

The clinical studies in various medical institutions have proved that the application promote~ health and imparts a better sense of well being by providing warmth and energy. Thus, persons undergoing magnetic treatment regularly report more stamina. The improved circulation of blood also leads to faster and more effective replacement of decayed tissues and quicker healing of wounds. It also ensures a greater number of sound and healthy blood. corpuscles in the blood stream. Use for work, less fatigue and an inexplicable joy and zeal in life.

The regulation of the flow of blood in the blood vessels also ensures proper nutrition and oxygenation of different tissues in the body which in turn leads to harmonization and improved functioning of different tissues. The health-promoting faculty of the effects of magnets endows an organism with better resistance to disease and equips it for the higher purposes of living.

An obvious effect of magnets on, reduction of infection is evident from the results of studies aimed at certain characteristics of blood like white blood corpuscles and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). It was observed after application of magnets to the body that there was a marked drop in the above characteristics. This suggests that some infectious diseases like typhoid and measles can be brought in the domain of the therapeutic range of magnets. This has also led the medical scientists to try magnets in various infections where the antibiotics have lost their efficacy either due to .the gross mismanagement of the case by the physician or development of slow resistance by the micro-organisms to the 'wonder drugs'. Astounding results have been obtained throughout the world by using the north pole of the magnet, in arresting the infection and subsequent complications arising out of lack of aseptic conditions in hospital wards and operation theatres.

It has been confirmed by the pathologists that under the action of magnets, various types of wounds such as incised, punctured, crushed and infected heal quickly by reduction in the formation of the fibrous tissue. The process of production of sound cells and rejuvenation is hastened, leading to quick recovery in painful conditions like corns, chilblains and chaps. Similarly, under the influence of magnets, the fractured, bones join up speedily by hastened calcification.

Article Source: http://www.abcarticledirectory.com/

Natural cure asthma alternative medicine

Asthma is a disease which starts with an allergy. It should be cured at its initial stage or else it would turn to some deadly disease which harms you more. Our specialist cures it with the natural alternative medicines or drugs.

Man is exposed to many unhealthy environments due to this he has been captivated to number of diseases. He is becoming unhealthy with the stress of work and the food he intakes. He to get relaxed has found many bad ways like useage of tobacco, smoking, drinking alcohol, drug addiction and many more by which he himself inviting the diseases to his cadaver.

Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways in the lungs. The two main components of asthma are airway constriction and inflammation. Together, constriction and inflammation result in narrowing of the airways in the lungs, which results in symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. It's also important to remember that some days, you may not even experience any symptoms at all. But your asthma is still with you. That's why it's essential to continue treating your asthma, with daily preventative medication, even on days you feel well. One way of helping to manage your asthma is through education. In this section we have provided useful information about your asthma so you'll begin to understand how you can help treat it.

The reactions cause the airways to become narrower and irritated - making it difficult to breath and leading to symptoms of asthma. It is difficult to say for sure what causes asthma. What we do know is that: · you are more likely to develop asthma if you have a family history of asthma, eczema or allergies · certain environmental factors influences whether which also causes asthma · many aspects of modern lifestyles - such as changes in housing and diet and a more hygienic environment - may have contributed to the rise in asthma over the last few decades · smoking during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of a child developing asthma · children whose parents smoke are more likely to develop asthma · environmental pollution can make asthma symptoms worse and may play a part in causing some asthma · adult onset asthma may develop after a viral infection

There is cure for asthma, as there are some excellent medicines available to help you to control your asthma so that is does not interfere with your daily life. We at our center cure this asthma with natural dietary supplements which are filled with herbal and cures the asthma with no side effects. It is important that you take your asthma medicine properly according to the advice of the doctor.

Some of the signs which makes you that asthma has to be checked as early as possible are: · Waking at night with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or a tightness in the chest · Having to take time off work because of your asthma · Finding it difficult to breathe, and breathing short shallow breaths · Needing more and more reliever treatment · Finding that your reliever does not seem to be working · Having to take your reliever more frequently than every four hours · Feeling that you cannot keep up with your usual level of activity or exercise

If your asthma is under control you are more likely to have a better quality of life and be more able to do the things you want to. So if you are in need of having a better life then you can take control your asthma by knowing what medicines to take, how much and when to take them. It is also important to avoid things that trigger your asthma and know what to do if your symptoms get worse.

Of course you want to do whatever you can to help care for a family member or friend with asthma. You may not be sure how to help. But with a little guidance, you can help your loved one manage his or her asthma. Identify the signs of asthma and help your loved ones with asthma. See what the asthma medications are taken by your loved ones are whether they are long term or short term preventatives. Know what to do and what to medications give during the emergency. If you think your loved one are suffering with a severe attack, get medical help immediately.

How to prevent from asthma · Be away from the animals as they have fur which are small particles due to inhaling them asthma can be attacked so keep them away of the living room. · The air we breathe contain lots of dust and pollution which paves a way to asthma. So should try to be away from the polluted air. · The ozone rays which are ultra violent are also one of the cause for this asthma so should be aware of using the things which keeps us away. · Cold and viral infections are one of the triggers for asthma. So before taking the vaccinations for it they should be consulted with the doctor. · If somebody in the family was suffering with it then some of the precautions are needed to be taken for preventing it. · If you have got the symptom of asthma then it is better to quit the smoking for the better of your life. · The sudden change in weather may also is one of the symptom of asthma, so you should be careful and should use the medications in a proper way.

The above said are not to be considered as the medical advise but to be taken as just information so you will be aware about asthma and take care of yourself or your loved ones to cure it in a proper way.

Let me end this with the statement-Asthma can be cured and conquered!

I am interested in doing some thing to the society so I have chosen this way to help the people who have lost all the hope in finding the cure for their disease. You are here having a hope to visit this site and get the solutions for it.