Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Overcome Diabetic Complications, and Find a Cure

The epidemic of Type 2 diabetes strikes in our country today. According to the American Diabetes Association, "There are 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, or 7 percent of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 14.6 million have been diagnosed, unfortunately, 6.2 million people (or nearly one-third) are unaware that they have the disease." Diabetes is typically identified through blood testing.

Type 2 diabetes, also called adult-onset diabetes, occurs when the body either doesn't manufacture enough insulin or the body ignores the insulin, which results in sugar (blood glucose) building up in the bloodstream. When untreated, diabetic complications arise, some of which are life threatening. According to the American Diabetes Association, these complications include heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, foot problems due to poor circulation or nerve damage, gastroparesis, depression, and skin problems like bacterial infections, fungal infections, and itching.

Although many people with diabetes turn to medications and insulin injections to treat the disease, an increasing number are finding that drug therapy simply suppresses the symptoms of diabetes without addressing its causes. By using a combination of Eastern and alternative medicine principles, a growing number of diabetics are utilizing comprehensive wellness and nutrition programs that treat the causes of diabetes, reverse its complications, and, in essence, provide a cure to the disease.

Such a program heals the body at a cellular level and allows the body to relearn the proper way to metabolize food and insulin. The key elements of such a program include:

* Pinpointing the foods, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and supplements that are antioxidants, that reduce inflammation, that increase the body's use of naturally produced insulin.

* Learning which foods, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and supplements address and reverse long-term diabetic complications.

* Identifying the five super foods that lead to wellness and the five bad foods that promote diabetes and poor health.

* Pinpointing the seven common mistakes that diabetics make.

* Transforming favorite foods into healthier versions that include less sugar, salt, and fat.

The underlying principle of such a wellness program to treat and reverse diabetes is the recognition that diabetes is complicated, involving a number of biochemical, hormonal, and metabolic imbalances. As such, conventional treatment that includes oral medication and insulin is ineffective in the long-term. Instead, regular blood glucose testing combined with specific nutrition and exercise programs can actually reverse Type 2 diabetes and alleviate diabetic complications.

There is a Cure For All Diseases and They Really Don't Want You to Know About It

"They" suppress information and block those who have alternative methods of healing from making those methods public knowledge. So many of the terminal, “non curable” diseases are being cured as a matter of course in other countries. Those that are being cured in this country are doing it by their own research and help from books and web sites such as and books such as The Cure For All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark. Or Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeaux, who also reference Dr. Clark’s books, such as the one above and her book The Cure For All Cancers.

The powers that be in this country have tried to put Dr. Clark out of business, and they did she has to practice in Mexico, and they tried to shut her down there too, but fortunately for the those who do know about her and her research, they were unsuccessful.

Kevin Trudeaux, author of Natural Cures "They" Don’t Want You To Know About called for a federal and state investigation of the New York Consumer Protection Board as a result of the recent arrest of its Executive Deputy Director for felony possession of crack cocaine coupled with the erratic conduct of the agency under her control.

Mr. Trudeau said his attorneys will be contacting the New York Attorney General to ask for a full investigation of the agency's conduct under the apparent control of Caroline Quartararo, who was arrested on an Albany, NY, street two weeks ago for possession of crack cocaine.

In September 2005, a federal judge determined the CPB had violated Mr. Trudeau's First Amendment rights by attempting to coerce television stations into refusing to air advertisements for his best selling book, "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About."

This is what they do. They put up web sites that offer false information in an attempt to challenge the credibility of anyone who offers any kind of solution that is not officially backed by the pharmaceuticals, AMA, FTC or FDA. If they can’t make a profit you don’t get the information. And the fact that the information may save your life is not the bottom line that our government and its regulating bodies look at. Or, they do what they’re doing to Kevin Trudeau, trying to block the information getting to the public by attempting to coerce television stations from airing the advertisement.

Dr. Hulda Clark and Kevin Trudeaux, and others including Sang Whang, who is an engineer, scientist, and inventor all have established the cause of many of these diseases and have had remarkable results in curing them.

According to Dr.Clark:

The Cause for many years we have all believed that cancer is different from other diseases. We believed that cancer behaves like a fire, in that you can't stop it once it has started. Therefore, you have to cut it out or radiate it to death or chemically destroy every cancerous cell in the body since it can never become normal again. NOTHING COULD BE MORE WRONG! And we have believed that cancers of different types such as leukemia or breast cancer have different causes. Wrong again! In this book, “The Cure For All Cancers” you will see that all cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke. And if you kill this parasite, the cancer stops immediately. The tissue becomes normal again. In order to get cancer, you must have this parasite.

How can the human intestinal fluke cause cancer? This parasite typically lives in the intestine where it might do little harm, causing only colitis, Crohn's disease, or irritable bowel syndrome, or perhaps nothing at all. But if it invades a different organ, like the uterus or the kidneys or liver, it does a great deal of harm. If it establishes itself in the liver, it causes cancer! It only establishes itself in the liver in some people. These people have isopropyl alcohol in their bodies.

All cancer patients have both isopropyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers. The solvent, isopropyl alcohol, is responsible for letting the fluke establish itself in the liver. In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and isopropyl alcohol in your body. From the book "The Cure for all Cancers." Page 1. To see more information on this book and other books by Dr. Hulda Clark go to – click on books and products and then on the University book store.

As Dr. Clark espouses and Kevin Trudeaux, so does Sang Whang. Disease and aging are due to a build up of toxins and the inability to remove the acidic waste products. Dr. Clark and Kevin Trudeaux both approach the problem of disease by eliminating the toxins. Making sure there is no isopropyl alcohol in the system, for example.

Sang Whang who has been working on reverse aging says: … At the turn of the century, man began to fly. Today, we have already landed on the moon. Isn't it reasonable to expect Science today should discover the technology to reverse aging? Well, Science Has!

When Americans think of "health", we think of diets and exercise. Diet and exercise help our body to dispose of acidic waste products. However, as we know, diet and exercise are sometimes difficult to stay with and not as effective as time-honored methods practiced through the centuries in Asia. Until now, Americans do it the hard way while Asians do it the simple and easy way. Science has made it simpler and easier to remove acidic waste products that have accumulated within our body. Sang Whang has created a product called Alkalife. AlkaLife is a patented alkaline concentrate. Mixing 2 drops of AlkaLife solution in an 8-oz. glass of water changes the ordinary drinking water to high pH alkaline drinking water. With AlkaLife, we can get alkaline water without any expensive alkaline water maker. A 1.2 oz. bottle can be carried conveniently in a pocket or purse. In order to get the health benefits, one should drink 5 glasses of high pH alkaline water a day distributed as evenly as possible. By carrying an AlkaLife® bottle around, one can drink alkaline water anytime and anywhere.

Product benefits

The foods that we eat give us energy by oxidizing, afterwards they become acidic wastes. Since our body cannot get rid of all the wastes it produces, they get accumulated somewhere in our body. This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes is what causes aging. Some examples of solidified acidic wastes are cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid kidney stone, urates, sulfates, and phosphates. The best way to neutralize and get these wastes out of our body is to drink alkaline water. Sang Whang’s book reverse aging and his Alkaline and bicarbolife product can also be found at click on books and products then on the university book store and then on Alkalife-Reverse Aging.

Michele Michaels been involved with alternative health for many years, and has watched friends beat cancer and other terminal forms of Illness. She now activly tries to get the word out - that there are other ways to heal other than the traditional medical paths available to us. And many can and do work together with trditional medicine.

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Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know about

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Can Risk Of Diabetes Be Reduced By Drinking More Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage that is loved and consumed by millions of people yet its role in health is somehow controversial. Over the years, numerous studies were conducted on its effect, either good or bad, on heart disease, diabetes and other disease but no definite conclusion has been arrived so far.

A study done on more than 14,600 people in Finland, the heaviest coffee-drinking country, provided more evidence in March 2004 that the world’s most widely consumed beverage may reduce diabetes risk.

Women in Finland who drank 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily had a 29 percent reduced risk of diabetes. Among men, the same amount of coffee consumed lowered the risk by 27 percent. The apparent protective effect, the mechanism of which remains a mystery, increased with consumption. Women who had intake of 10 or more cups a day had nearly 80 percent lowered risk, while men who had the same intake cut their risk by 55 percent. The average coffee consumption of Finns is 9 cups per day and the country tops world per capita consumption at more than 10.8 kg a person annually, according to the study.

The findings of this study were quiet similar to the results revealed by Harvard researchers earlier in January 2004. The study was done on 125,000 people and found that men who drank 6 cups a day cut their diabetes risk by half over 12 to 18 years, while women who drank the same amount of coffee had a 30 percent lower risk. Another research by Dutch had also confirmed a similar effect.

A report published in Journal of The American Medical Association revealed a clear evidence for an inverse and graded association between coffee consumption and type-II diabetes independent of other risk factors. Because the Finnish population drinks more coffee than other populations, it is possible to determine the risk of diabetes at high levels of coffee consumption. The report also mentioned that the reasons for the apparent beneficial effects remain unclear, although it was possible that chlorogenic acid in coffee may indirectly help regulate blood glucose levels. Nevertheless, the report did stated that caffeine stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas has been well documented.

The American Heart Association has also said that studies looking at a direct link between caffeine, coffee, and heart disease have produced conflicting results, but that 1 or 2 cups a day does not seem harmful.

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Natural And Herbal Cure Of Diabetes

With the failure of the over the counter medications, the herbs have re-emerged as the dominant powers in the treatment of diabetes. According to Chinese Medicine, diabetes is not considered as a disease as such. It is a condition of disharmony. The major symptoms are severe thirst and hunger. At the same time, in spite of the excessive hunger, you lose weight. There are many Chinese herbs that were used traditionally for the treatment of diabetes. These herbs are now the subject matter of extensive research. The results of the research are encouraging.

One such Chinese herb that has shown its mettle in the treatment of diabetes is mai men dong. The sole problem in the treatment of diabetes, is to maintain the level of insulin. Research done on this herb indicates its right potential. Through this herb, the Chinese researchers have shown the capability to stimulate regeneration of cells. The cells in question are in the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. These are the cells that owe responsibility for appropriate production of insulin. If this process is taken care of, perhaps you are taking care of the diabetes.

Another Chinese herb that has the capability to reduce the blood sugar level is tian hua fen. It is now extensively used in herbal formulations to treat diabetes.

A vegetable extensively grown in India, bitter melon, is known to lower the blood sugar levels. It is dried and then used in the powder form as well. This vegetable has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

There is another important treatment for diabetes, on which not much research seems to have been done, but traditionally, it is very popular. Take fresh curry leaves (4 to 5 leaves), in the morning on the empty stomach, after properly masticating it. Continue with this schedule for about 6 months. Even the chronic diabetes will be cured once for all.

When you are told about the qualities of herbs that have the potentiality to give you relief in your diabetic condition, do not be under the impression that herbs alone will do the job. You need to review your food habits extensively and decide what went wrong with you, which made the entry of diabetes in your body easy and possible. It is no use if you take the herbal medicines on the one side and continue with your junk food and ice creams on the other side. You need to change your lifestyle according to the needs of your body.

The supreme advantage of herbal medicines in the treatment of diabetes is that they have no side effects. If at all they are there, they are not harmful, but beneficial!

How Effective Are Herbal Remedies As Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer?

The debate surrounding the effectiveness of using natural cures for prostate cancer has gone on for quite some time. Although some people are advocating the use of herbal medicines and other natural processes in treating cancer, most of the scientific community is still hesitant to endorse such options.

According to some medical societies, natural cures for prostate cancer are not accurately termed since these natural procedures and materials cannot really cure cancer but are mostly used to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Natural treatment methods are usually based on proper nutrition. Herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are the most common basic ingredients of these so-called natural cures.

Most natural treatment options are based on herbs or antioxidants. In studies advocating the use of natural methods for treating prostate cancer, saw palmetto is often highlighted. This herb is primarily known for its anabolic properties and is more commonly used in treating benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The herb operates by inhibiting the synthesis of growth-stimulating dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and promoting DHT elimination through the lowering of estrogen levels.

According to several clinical studies, saw palmetto is actually more effective in treating enlarged prostate than the prescribed drug, Proscar. These studies also argue that using the herb is better than using Proscar since the latter is more expensive and is associated with several side effects that include erectile dysfunction.

Another popular herbal remedy promoted by a number of studies is pygeum. Pygeum is an indigenous African remedy derived from tree bark. This herbal remedy contains chemicals that inhibit DHT synthesis and is often used to treat enlarged prostate. Aside from saw palmetto and pygeum, there is another herbal remedy that has become popular among natural cure advocates, and this is Cernilton. This herbal product is prepared from the extract of rye pollen and is used to treat BPH and prostatitis. In some parts of the world, the herb stinging nettle is also used to cure prostate disorders. This herb is marketed in the Europe under the name Bazoton.

Some natural remedies for prostate cancer and other prostate disorders use antioxidants as their primary ingredients. Lycopene, resveratrol and selenium are among some of the more common of these antioxidants. Most herbal remedies or antioxidant-based cures are marketed as supplements since absolute confirmation of their ability to cure cancer has yet to be issued by medical and health authorities.

The effectiveness of natural cures for prostate cancer has not yet been fully agreed on and some medical societies still oppose the use of these remedies. Nevertheless, advocates of these methods are continuously promoting them as treatment options for cancer. provides you with info on natural cures for prostate cancer, its treatments and symptoms and how to overcome or reduce the risk of getting it.

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Diabetes - Natural Treatment

Jose M. Flores, a Medicare beneficiary who lives outside McAllen, used the new drug benefit four times from January to April to purchase Byetta, an injectable medicine for diabetes. Each time he paid $40.

So when he went to the pharmacy on May 25, he was dismayed to be told that he owed $167.56 for the next month's supply. Mr. Flores had reached the notorious gap in Medicare's drug coverage. He had to pay the full price of Byetta. His Medicare drug plan paid nothing.

"It's almost useless," said Mr. Flores, a 66-year-old school bus mechanic who was interviewed at his home in La Joya, Tex. "I'm paying the premium, but not getting protection."

Millions of beneficiaries will have similar experiences, as the cost of their drugs reaches the initial coverage limit of $2,250. Like Mr. Flores, they will have to pay the full cost of each medicine until their out-of-pocket costs reach $3,600. At that point, Medicare coverage resumes, paying 95 percent of the cost of each prescription.

On May 2, Mr. Flores paid $20 for Plavix, a blood thinner used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, and Medicare paid $109.62. But when he refilled the prescription at the end of May, he was in the coverage gap, so he had to pay the full amount, $129.62.

Mr. Flores is angry with Medicare, with his drug plan and even with the pharmacists who try to help him. He says no one told him about the coverage gap when he signed up.

Vanessa M. Recio, a pharmacist at Saenz Medical Pharmacy in Mission, Tex., said: "All I do all day is talk to angry patients. I process insurance claims and try to solve problems with Medicare."”


Mr. Flores experience is played out hundreds of times every day. Fortunately, there is help for diabetics and other life treatening illnesses.

A combination of herbs researched at a Canadian University for over 20 years was hailed by the Asian Diabetic Association as "The Final Cure for Diabetes." Research shows that a natural diabetes remedy can regulate blood sugar and eliminate the need for painful injections. The herbs Banaba, Guggle, Bitter Melon, Licorice extract, Cinnamon herb powder, Gymnema Sylvestre, Yarrow, Cayenne, Juniper Berries, Huckleberry, and Vanadyl Sulfate each have an important role to play in a scientifically engineered formulation that is proven to successfully go to the cellular level to lower your blood sugar level, lower your insulin resistance, and increase insulin production. This scientifically proven formulation is available under the brand name Diamaxol.

The diagnosing, treatment, and testing of Diabetes brings in over $10 Million Dollars every hour of the day to Doctors, Pharmaceutical companies, and testing supply businesses. With that much money on the line the medical, pharmaceutical and testing supply companies will go to extreme lengths to silence information about natural treatment of diabetes. It was widely reported that one company, which had successful results with an herbal treatment, was offered $30,000,000 to take the product off the market. Fortunately the recent education thrust on the benefits of natural health treatment has made it possible for companies with natural products to resist such pressure.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Author, International Speaker and Inspirational leader empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

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Depression Natural Cures – One Proven To Bring Relief

There is one natural compound that is part of the natural food chain which has been the result of multi million pound research to treat depression.

Its, safe non toxic and natural and its PROVEN To relieve symptoms. What is it? Let’s find out.

Its organic nicotine, which contrary to belief is a naturally occurring compound that is found in many everyday foods such as potatoes and tomatoes.

Why Nicotine is healthy

Nicotine has had a bad reputation as it’s consumed in smoking, but contrary to what many people think it does not cause death and disease ( that’s some of the other chemicals consumed) and outside of cigarettes in organic form is safe, non toxic has tremendous health benefits.

Medical Evidence

Nicotine treats patient with depression, due to its ability to affect feelings of well being and mood.

Medical research has established that smoking by people with depression can be in many instances a form of self medication.

Nicotine has been shown in clinical tests to relieve the symptoms that cause depression.

How it works

The same areas of the brain that are stimulated by nicotine, influence our mood and feelings of wellbeing. Nicotine stimulates the release of these specific neurotransmitters:

Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine.

These carry messages between the nerves cells and depression is linked directly to imbalances in the above 3 neurotransmitters.

Nicotine acts to restore the balance and make people with depression feel better.

For example, nicotine is able to switch on receptors on the surface of cells in certain parts of the brain, causing these neurons to release dopamine, a chemical that lifts our mood instantly.

Nicotine supplements

At present several organic nicotine supplements are being developed and the first is already on the market.

First product

The product is nicotine water containing just organic nicotine and water with no added chemicals.

It was originally developed to give smokers an alternative when they couldn’t or didn’t wish to smoke, but has become increasingly popular with non smokers due to its health benefits.

Nicotine has suffered from a bad reputation simply by association.

Nicotine though as we have seen in organic form, is healthy, safe, non toxic and if taken can provide welcome relief to millions of people who suffer from depression and that’s great news for sufferers.

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Fucoidan - Is There a Natural Cure for Cancer?

Does the word "Cancer" scare you?

Well it should, however you probably think it will never happen to you. In the US one in every 2 men and one in every 3 women will be diagnosed with some form of Cancer and the Canadian statistics are very similar. Cancer is not the only disease that we should be concerned about in today's environment, depending on underlying factors the flu or the common cold could be deadly to some people. Due to poor diets, lack of exercise and daily stress most immune systems are so far out of balance they could not even begin to protect us against the smallest of infections or bacteria.

So have you ever heard of Fucoidan?

Like many the answer to this question is "no". Well let me attempt to give you some valuable information in this article that may save your life or the life of loved ones. Fucoidan is like a closely guarded secret, as an antioxidant it has certainly piqued the interest of many scientists. Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity and cellular health to the point where it helps heal wounds, supports normal blood pressure, detoxifies the body against heavy metals, helps prevent the common colds and flu as well as, yes fight Cancer. There I said it. Fight Cancer.

Having dealt with some serious health issues over the past 3 years I have taken it upon myself to obtain extensive education in the wellness industry. I was never one who liked putting prescription chemicals into my body as the side effects of many drugs are far worse than the original problem. I am sure that there are many positive health care stories out there however all you hear are the negative with most having tragic and sad endings. I feel it necessary to take ownership of your own health care because no one knows your body better that you do.

Well let's get to the interesting stuff, as humans we are born with an immune system that protects our body from foreign viruses, bacteria, harmful substances and bad cells. When our body or immune system is off balance, which can happen because of many different reasons we end up sick and in some cases terminally ill.

Did you know that there is a natural dietary supplement which we can consume that will strengthen our immune system and help keep it in balance? It is an active ingredient call Fucoidan and it is found in nearly all brown algae seaweed. It is a common known fact that seaweed or dulse is very good for you however many people do not have the ability to ingest it? I for one can not handle the taste or texture of the stuff. Fucoidan is most effective if ingested in its natural state which is gel form. Some cultures are nearly cancer free and it has been deemed that in part is due to their high intake of brown algae seaweed.

Within the molecular structure of Fucoidan is the presence of fucose which is a healing sugar however not to be confused with fructose. Fucose is also found abundantly in human breast milk, that is why most new mothers are encourage to breast feed their babies to give them a good head start in life, boost their immune system and fight off any virus or disease.

To obtain Fucoidan seaweed is harvested by just cutting off the growing tips of the sea plant which will allow the plant to continue to grow and provide a never ending supply of Fucoidan. Scientific studies have been carried out and continue to be done to grasp a full understanding of the healing magic of Fucoidan. Don't just take my word for it do your own homework and you will quickly realize like I, that this is one of the best kept secrets in the wellness industry. Unfortunately most people just don't know about it and because being sick is a multi-billion dollar industry, the advertisement of natural supplements is suppressed. To really understand why and how the natural supplement business is suppressed I recommend you read Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About". It will certainly open your mind and give you something to think about, I found it to be a fantastic read.

Our immune system is very complex and so is the make up of Fucoidan and how it works. My goal with this article is to make you aware of its existence, how it works and why it works I will leave that up to the scientists to explain. Many of the global scientific studies can be found at

The money spent to cure and treat cancer is significant, in the US alone the estimate for 2005 is around $200 billion. Almost every one has been touched by cancer, some closer than others. Did you realize that in the past 18 years there have been at least 18 studies that have shown that Fucoidan either prevents tumor growth or kills existing cancer cells?

That’s on average one study a year for the past 18 years that has scientifically proven the health benefits of Fucoidan, consistent results, hard to brush off. Yes scientists have established that Fucoidan stimulates the death of certain cancer cells, as well as slows down the growth and spreading of such cells. While the research is still ongoing and there is much to be done the initial results known so far are extremely positive.

Cancer treatments place the entire body in jeopardy in order to kill cancer cells and unfortunately healthy cells are often damaged and the immune system is placed in total shock in the process. The price for cancer treatment has increased nearly 10 times in the past 20 years. Billions of dollars have been raised and placed into cancer research with no reliable solution in near site. Now don't get me wrong, I feel that great strides have been made however it still seems to be hit and miss.

Imagine a natural immunity boost ingredient that would have no harmful side effects, would have multiple health benefits, would come from a renewable natural product, would be inexpensive, and would reduce the incidence of cancer, common cold, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Fucoidan possess all of these ideal properties.

So why on earth is this not advertised, promoted or better understood? Remember before I said that being sick is a multi-billion dollar industry. Certain words are not allowed (especially in writing) when marketing natural immunity supplements, words like "cure, diagnose, treat and prevent" to name a few. The scientific community has provided sufficient evidence that Fucoidan can have a dramatic effect on cancer however it can not be promoted as such. People who are diagnosed with cancer go into expensive chemo treatments with "no guarantee of success", so why is the system not willing to suggest a natural alternative that has been scientifically proven. Please tell me it is not about the money.

OK, so let me tell you what I do know about Fucoidan in politically correct statements that won't get my behind in hot water if I have not done so already.

• Fucoidan supports the normal disposal of non-native cells.
• Fucoidan may help stimulate immune response when the body is attacked.
• Fucoidan helps modulate the immune system.
• Fucoidan supports normal cellular health.
• Fucoidan supports blood circulation to native body cells.
• Fucoidan may help regenerate healthy skin tissue.
• Fucoidan supports healthy joint mobility at all ages.

My family has been riddled with cancer and none of them are what I can call survivors, heroes yes, but not survivors. Cancer is a disease most people do not want to talk about and I can understand that, so what about the common viral cold, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections I know you can all relate to me now. Guess what Fucoidan is the Ultimate Molecular Immunity Boost. It contains plant bioactive molecules that generate amazing health benefits. Fucoidan is safe, Fucoidan is researched. Once again don't take my word for it, do your own homework. My goal was just to make you aware of its existence and in plain terms some of its benefits.

For more information visit Wellness is a lifestyle & Fucoidan is one of the ocean's greatest treasures.

Having spent 29 years in the corporate financial industry, I decided it was time to get out when my health began to significantly deteriorate. I now run my own business in the wellness industry and love every minute of it. I have learnt so much about what's available to us and how the human body works that I just have to share my knowledge and hope you learn something in return. Wellness is a Lifestyle. Come visit:

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5 Natural Cures To Stop Your Heartburn During Pregnancy

Do you suffer from heartburn during pregnancy? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women experience heartburn while they are pregnant, and there are some things you can do to alleviate it.

Heartburn during pregnancy becomes especially bad in the third trimester, when the baby is getting larger and larger, and pressing harder on your stomach. If you are really experiencing constant or chronic heartburn you should consult a medical professional immediately, but if it is a rare occurrence, here are a few tips you can take to alleviate your heartburn during pregnancy.

1. Sleep with your head elevated. Put a pillow on the upper portion of your back and you’ll be sleeping better and feeling better in no time. Keeping your head elevated is a great remedy to quickly relieve your heartburn during pregnancy.

2. Eat smaller meals more frequently. This will help your stomach digest the food easier and will help stop your heartburn. Make sure to chew thoroughly and drink plenty of liquids.

3. Avoid foods that cause heartburn. Your heartburn during pregnancy could be caused by the foods you eat. Some foods are notorious for causing heartburn, such as coffee and sodas. Smoking contributes to heartburn as well, but if you are pregnant you would be best advised to stop smoking.

4. Avoid large amounts of water. Although you should keep yourself hydrated, too much water could contribute to your heartburn during pregnancy.

5. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Avoid pressure on your stomach as much as possible. Loose clothes give your stomach room to breathe, and is a great and simple change that could help your heartburn during pregnancy.

These five tips should help ease your heartburn, but they are no substitute for a medical professional. If you have frequent, painful heartburn during pregnancy you must consult a doctor. There are many other natural heartburn cures that you can implement immediately, especially if you are pregnant.

To receive an absolutely free e-course with more fast acting tips on stopping your heartburn during pregnancy, please visit:

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Natural Cures for Depression

Natural Cures for Depression - Do They Exist or Not?

Most people suffering from bouts of depression, anxiety and general mood disorders that greatly affect their quality of life don't even know that they have non-prescription options to treat their depression effectively.

Instead, most people will either "bite the bullet" through the rough times, or they will seek the advice of a professional such as a phychiatrist or psychologist, and perhaps go through counseling, or be put on a prescription antidepressant such as Zoloft or Prozac. Did you know that antidepressants are currently the third leading classification of prescription drugs by overall revenue and profitability?

This tells us one thing for sure. Depression is very widespread, very common, and perhaps even overprescribed, some critics might say.

The news about some very popular prescribed medicines for clinical depression is alarming, to say the least. Side effects ranging from nervousness to nausea and sexual dysfunction or low libido are just a few.

This fact has lead many people suffering from this sometimes crippling mental health condition to consider alternative cures for depression - they are going natural. This is not to say the natural way to remedy the symptoms of depression is for everyone.

There are a lot of people who can still benefit from prescription meds, and never have any problems. Not only that, many people also benefit from the therapy that goes with the prescription, ie the talking through of their problems, their perception of their mental condition and so on and so forth.

However, there are a great deal out there who also can benefit from treating their depression with a natural cure. People who usually benefit the greatest are not the ones who may normally be diagnosed with having "chronic" clinical depression.

They are the people who have the occasional bout of the blues, and feelings of helplessness coupled with anxiety. If that's you, you would most likely be an excellent candidate for natural depression treatment.

What is Depression? How is it Defined?

Depression is usually defined as a psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death as a final means of peace and tranquility. While most people do suffer occasional down time, some people are more prone to feel this way consistently, and they are the ones who should seek professional help.

For the countless others, a natural way can be the best choice for the best results in fighting depression and regaining a sense of joy and peace.

A Natural Remedy for Gingivitis, Toothaches, and Mouth Sores

Everyone has a variety of bacteria in their mouth. Some have more than others. This bacterium helps you by beginning the digestive process.

Excess bacteria in your mouth have now been found to cause more than tooth decay, gingivitis or gum disease. So, you need to know, even though you might not have gingivitis, how to control these plaque-building bacteria in your mouth.

Bacteria that create gingivitis live in your plaque and cause your gums to inflame, bleed, and separate from your teeth. You can also have bad breath when you have gingivitis. In more severe cases, your gums become sore, teeth hurt, gums recede, and teeth loosen.

To stop the inflammation and gum separation use this natural remedy to kill some of these bacteria and strengthen your gums in your mouth.

Here are the herbs and the formula you will need to make a remedy for a mild case of gingivitis:

2 parts white oak bark herb – powder

1 part myrrh gum herb – power or granules

3/4 part Peppermint leaves converted to powder

½ part anise herb – power or seeds

1/8 part clove - powder

If herbs and leaves are not in powder form, grind them in a coffee grinder. Use this formula to make as much powder as you want.

Place the mixture into a small container. I usually use a small-unused vitamin bottle.

I usually mix a small amount and use a tablespoon as my measuring tool. For example, 2 tablespoons of white oak, 1 tablespoon of myrrh gum, ¾ tablespoon of peppermint leaves, and so on. The measurements do not have to be so precise.

How to use it:

To control bacteria in your mouth, use this power once a week. If you have gingivitis, you can use this 3 times a day. Place some powder on your toothbrush and brush your teeth and gums. After brushing spit out, a few time, the saliva and residue powder. Don’t rinse out your mouth since you want to keep the active herb powders in your month. You can swallow any that remains in your mouth with no problem.

This powder combination is bitter, but quite powerful and will get the job done. You can add more peppermint powder to make it less bitter, if you like.

For severe cases of gingivitis and toothaches, you can also moist some powder with distilled water and then place the paste all along the your teeth and gums – front and back. Leave the paste in your mouth as long as you can. Don’t worry about the herbs getting in between your teeth.
This remedy works.

My wife was schedule for a root canal last year and a few weeks before her tooth started paining and couldn't sleep. So I made this remedy. She just placed the powers around the painful area. It wasn't long before the pain stopped and she was able to go to sleep.

There have been other clients that have used this remedy for a month and successfully avoided having the dentist apply gingivitis treatment.
In cases of severe gingivitis, go see your dentist and at the same time use this remedy.

Rudy Silva is a natural nutritionist. He writes a newsletter called “Natural Remedies That work.” You can subscribe to his newsletter and read some of the back issues, which give you information of how to have better health. Read his latest newsletter at:

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Depression Natural Cures That Are Drug Free

Depression cures come in every form, manner, and shape that you can imagine.

Depression cures in the form of medicine are available, as well as herbal remedies, electromagnetic equipment, and even computer software.

Depression cures are in increasing demand as society faces a higher degree of depression and anxiety due to terrorism, job insecurity, and natural catastrophes.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually in an attempt to find depression cures.

While there are no guaranteed depression cures available, there are medicines and therapies that can work to help individuals cope with their depression.

Here are some steps that I have found to help alleviate temporary depression and anxiety.

1. Walk. Taking a nice long walk has always yielded a break from anxiety, and a resulting lifting of the spirits. By walking you are changing your surroundings which helps your mind switch tracks.

2. Meditate. Meditation can be as simple as sitting down and thinking of something positive. As your mind drifts back towards a negative thought you need to refocus on a positive thought.
Many people repeat a positive phrase until they feel their mood improve.

3. Exercise. A steady exercise routine will improve your mood, calm your senses, and make you happier. There are physical and psychological reasons for this, but I can assure you that even a small amount of daily exercise can do wonders.

4. Socialization. Studies repeatedly show that being around people leads to healthier lives. The more people you talk to, the more positive and exciting your day will be. Of course, talking the right people makes a world of difference.

5. Having a hobby. Having a hobby can help depression and anxiety sufferers because it gives them another outlet for their energies. In addition, instead of being focused on a negative feeling or event, the person will be involved with another activity.

Donny Lowy runs an online resource to combat depression:

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The Natural 'Cure' for Diabetics That Work Wonders

A natural cure, sorry - therapy, for diabetics begins by totally eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates - including honey, alcohol, mashed potatoes, cakes, biscuits and sweets.

The other ingredient is the addition of two special minerals to your diet is also a little known natural treatment for diabetics that your health practitioner probably forgot to tell you about.

Chromium and vanadium – these two minerals improve the action of insulin and in the case of vanadium, actually replace insulin for adult diabetes. The intake should be at around 25 mcg/day. Of course, as with any alternative therapy you should see your health care practitioner - referably one who has heard of these two minerals and is prepared to let you 'try'.

Zinc, B Complex vitamins, copper and glutathione and a high intake of essential fatty acids are also part of a natural cure for diabetics. For your supplements find a high quality source you can trust.

As far as dietary nutrition is concerned, consume a high fiber diet consisting of plenty of complex carbohydrates (vegetables, beans, certain grains such as bran).

Also, an allergy test is very useful for a natural cure for diabetics – particularly for dairy, soy and wheat. If you test positive, take digestive enzymes before meals to help improve your nutrition and to clean up any intestinal damage that is likely to have been caused.

Be patient with this nutritional treatment and have your physician closely monitor your progress. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and you will notice results within several weeks.

Herbs may be used as part of a natural cure for diabetics and include licorice, yarrow, Canadian fleabane and Jerusalem artichoke.

Essential oils including coriander, cinnamon, fennel, dill, cypress, rosemary, pine and ylang-ylang can be helpful. These may be applied by inhaling or absorbed in a bath. If pregnant, consult with a physician before use.

Paul Newland is a health writer, sports training consultant and martial arts instructor and runs the website.

He is the author of numerous health information books and guides, including the Wellness Report, The Ultimate Antioxidant Report, The Selenium Report, The Ultimate Nutrient Guide and The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Guide - available Free (for a limited time) through

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