5 Natural Cures To Stop Your Heartburn During Pregnancy

Do you suffer from heartburn during pregnancy? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women experience heartburn while they are pregnant, and there are some things you can do to alleviate it.

Heartburn during pregnancy becomes especially bad in the third trimester, when the baby is getting larger and larger, and pressing harder on your stomach. If you are really experiencing constant or chronic heartburn you should consult a medical professional immediately, but if it is a rare occurrence, here are a few tips you can take to alleviate your heartburn during pregnancy.

1. Sleep with your head elevated. Put a pillow on the upper portion of your back and you’ll be sleeping better and feeling better in no time. Keeping your head elevated is a great remedy to quickly relieve your heartburn during pregnancy.

2. Eat smaller meals more frequently. This will help your stomach digest the food easier and will help stop your heartburn. Make sure to chew thoroughly and drink plenty of liquids.

3. Avoid foods that cause heartburn. Your heartburn during pregnancy could be caused by the foods you eat. Some foods are notorious for causing heartburn, such as coffee and sodas. Smoking contributes to heartburn as well, but if you are pregnant you would be best advised to stop smoking.

4. Avoid large amounts of water. Although you should keep yourself hydrated, too much water could contribute to your heartburn during pregnancy.

5. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Avoid pressure on your stomach as much as possible. Loose clothes give your stomach room to breathe, and is a great and simple change that could help your heartburn during pregnancy.

These five tips should help ease your heartburn, but they are no substitute for a medical professional. If you have frequent, painful heartburn during pregnancy you must consult a doctor. There are many other natural heartburn cures that you can implement immediately, especially if you are pregnant.

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