The Natural 'Cure' for Diabetics That Work Wonders

A natural cure, sorry - therapy, for diabetics begins by totally eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates - including honey, alcohol, mashed potatoes, cakes, biscuits and sweets.

The other ingredient is the addition of two special minerals to your diet is also a little known natural treatment for diabetics that your health practitioner probably forgot to tell you about.

Chromium and vanadium – these two minerals improve the action of insulin and in the case of vanadium, actually replace insulin for adult diabetes. The intake should be at around 25 mcg/day. Of course, as with any alternative therapy you should see your health care practitioner - referably one who has heard of these two minerals and is prepared to let you 'try'.

Zinc, B Complex vitamins, copper and glutathione and a high intake of essential fatty acids are also part of a natural cure for diabetics. For your supplements find a high quality source you can trust.

As far as dietary nutrition is concerned, consume a high fiber diet consisting of plenty of complex carbohydrates (vegetables, beans, certain grains such as bran).

Also, an allergy test is very useful for a natural cure for diabetics – particularly for dairy, soy and wheat. If you test positive, take digestive enzymes before meals to help improve your nutrition and to clean up any intestinal damage that is likely to have been caused.

Be patient with this nutritional treatment and have your physician closely monitor your progress. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and you will notice results within several weeks.

Herbs may be used as part of a natural cure for diabetics and include licorice, yarrow, Canadian fleabane and Jerusalem artichoke.

Essential oils including coriander, cinnamon, fennel, dill, cypress, rosemary, pine and ylang-ylang can be helpful. These may be applied by inhaling or absorbed in a bath. If pregnant, consult with a physician before use.

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