Natural Cures For Yeast Infections You Can Use Today

Medical and pharmaceutical marketing want you to think chemical drugs best. Yet common chemical medication regimes are to blame for causing some people's yeast infections. Antibiotics and steroids like cortisone are famous for creating yeast flare-ups. Clearing up a urinary tract infection and suddenly having a yeast infection right behind it would lead you to think your health is going to pot. Its not, your affliction was caused by the prescription medicine.

There is much to be said for holistic and homeopathic medicine. The theory of keeping the whole body healthy as opposed to curing only the end results one at a time makes more sense. Natural cures delve deeper and begin at the root of the problem. You won't see a long list of side effects when using natural supplements and foods to keep well. Nor does it set off a chain of reaction illnesses caused by broad-spectrum chemicals.

Vitamin C in high doses is great for battling this disease. You need to raise the acid level in your body as too much sugar is assisting the yeast to grow. Unsweetened cranberry juice and blackberry juice will both do you a world of good. Taking a couple of ounces of organic apple cider vinegar is highly recommended. You'll also find that Vitamin B (niacin) will reduce the irritation by up to 50%.

The following herbal supplements are natural cures:

- Echinacea extract
- Golden seal
- Paul d' Arco bark
- Teatree oil
- Lavender oil and extract
- Acidophilus
- Garlic or allicin-alliin
- Oregon grape root extract (berberine)

Eating the proper diet is very important in natural cures for yeast infections. Fresh vegetables and meats with whole grains and nuts is the needed diet for whole body health. Our modern diet filled with processed and prepackaged foods is full of things that make yeast grow. Reduced sugar and yeast intake is imperative along with cutting out white flour products. For the best results choose certified organic and unpasteurized foods.