Effective Natural Remedies For ADHD and ADD

Natural cures for ADHD and ADD have been widely embraced by a good portion of the mainstream market. Even with the presence of psychostimulants like Adderall, natural remedies still verify to be most effective in generating positive results in affected patients. On a general perspective, most psychiatric drugs also prove to have harmful side effects, which cause Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to worsen on the patient's case. A lot of drugs that are presented to the market are falsely advertised, thereby making the population of ADHD-affected individuals more progressive in numbers. To help prevent this growing problem, here are some natural cures for ADHD and ADD that may be helpful:

1. Skullcap. The Skullcap is a type of herb that is traditionally used as a form of anxiolytic, performing mild sedation. You may serve this to the patient in a form of a tablet, capsule or herbal teas. Referred to as a natural nerve tonic, Skullcap is quite a rare herb but does great wonders for a patient with ADHD or ADD due to the aqueous extract that has diuretic and sedative classifications.

2. St. John's Wort. One of the most widely known natural remedies for ADHD and ADD, St. Johns Wort has proven to have effective placebo effects in treatment of several depressive e disorders. For people with ADHD or ADD, the extracts of Hypericum in this medicine, develops the patient's response and emotions to get more positive reactions.

3. Chamomile. Another herb used for sedation, Chamomile promotes better resting capabilities for the patient. This may be purchased from any grocery store and can be served in a form of a herbal tea.