Natural Cure For Yeast Infections - From Simple to Complex Solutions

Is a chemical cure better than a natural cure for yeast infections? It all depends on what caused you to get the infection in the first place. If you were recently on an antibiotic or steroids to cure an injury or cold, an oral medication can easily cure your infection. Yeast is a fungus and an antibiotic is non selective. It does away with all the bacteria in your body, including the ones it needs to stay healthy. Good for your congested chest, but often creates new problems.

Homeopathic medicine emphatically agrees that whole body health is best. This makes a lot more sense than just fixing one bad part. It's a little like when you replace the battery in your car only to have the alternator go. The alternator was bad to begin with and caused the battery to go bad. You fix the easy symptom and something major breaks. Holistic medicine treats your entire body's health and offers effective methods for a natural cure for yeast infections.

Some natural cures are very simple. Such as drinking a few ounces of apple cider vinegar each day, or eating and douching with live-culture yogurt. There have been some great results found in combating yeast problems with high doses of Vitamin C and relief from itching or burning with Vitamin B3. Cranberry and blackberry juice along with garlic are effective for some people too. It will depend on the type of the infection and its severity.

Other methods used as natural cures are more complicated. A yeast diet is very effective but hard for many people to stick to. When faced with a lifetime of bouts with infections due to a food based allergy or an underlying cause, eating right is better than suffering. Natural foods are definitely effective natural cures for yeast infections along with many other health and weight issues.