Chromium GTF For insulin resistance

When I first became an insulin resistant diabetic I started reading up on diabetes as much as I could. I read in places how an insulin resistant diabetic is supposably lacking in the mineral called chromium which contributes to the person being an insulin resistant diabetic.

I started low carbing which helped. I then began lifting weights which also helped. Then I started taking chromium GTF along with the weight lifting and low carbing and it really done the trick. I presume the reason why it helped my blood sugars is because it is said to decrease ones insulin resistance. I read and found that there are several forms of chromium but the chromium GFT is the best for diabetics. GTF means glucose tolerance factor. It also seems to help my carb cravings decrease.

From the way I understand it this wont work as well for a type 1 diabetic but can work real well for type 2 diabetics who have not lost their ability to still make some insulin in their pancreas.
Bobbi Joe