How To Break The Alcohol Habit

It's a sad fact that alcoholics are often the butt of jokes. They're also often encouraged in their behavior - after all, laughing with a drunken person can seem quite amusing at the time.

But this innocent encouragement can lead to more serious consequences.

Alcohol is a depressant.

Used in moderation, most studies show alcohol to be either neutral or even beneficial to health.

But taken to excess, it causes liver and other problems.

The best time to stop your addiction to alcohol is before it has completely taken a grip on your life:

* Cut down the amount you drink. Reducing the frequency and amount that you drink is an excellent first step.

* Drink with friends rather than on your own. Good friends will warn you when it looks as though you have drunk more than is good for you. They'll also help you get home safely and help you nurse your hangover away.

If you've gotten beyond that stage, seek out a support group. Alcoholics Anonymous can be found with a simple online search or in your phone book. Go along to a meeting and you'll find a supportive group of people who will help you in your quest to get back in control of your life.

It may also help to consult your doctor or other health professional. They've helped countless other people and will have good first hand knowledge of the different methods of reducing or stopping your alcohol consumption. Quiz them on the success rates of the different methods they recommend and read some of the excellent material online to get another opinion, always remembering to check who sponsored the research you're reading.