Natural Holistic Approach to Treating Cancer

Cancer research has uncovered many links between what people eat and their risk of then getting certain cancers. As a result, you can find literature that's full of facts about how to avoid cancer and how to go forth for a natural cancer cure. In my research, most of this literature has a great deal of information about the natural holistic approach on ways to prevent and heal cancer.

Many researchers have provided information about studies done by the National Cancer Institute. In one study using 35,000 male subjects, the Institute looked at the ability of selenium to prevent cancer. The investigators found that a low intake of selenium can cause a great increase in a male's risk for getting prostate cancer.

Another breakthrough study was performed at the Northern California Cancer Center in Fremont, California. The data compiled by those California researchers has indicated that exposure to the sun can help to prevent prostate cancer as well, which is something considerably new in the cancer research field. Further studies have shown that a generous amount of Vitamin D, such as what one gets from sunlight, will cut a man's chances in half for getting prostate cancer.

As physicians and researchers begin to make greater use of the new drugs for treating cancer, it becomes obvious that medicine needs to pay closer attention to holistic cancer cures in addition to these traditional treatment methods. Holistic cures take into consideration all of the parts of the body, not just the specific body part that has the cancer. But the mind and spirit is as well.

The case of one woman in California illustrates the need for a holistic approach to cure cancer. The woman has been receiving chemotherapy for a lung cancer. She
has learned that the drug that is helping to fight her cancer has also created changes in her blood. Her blood is getting thicker.

As a result, that California patient must avoid eating foods with Vitamin K, a vitamin that helps to thicken blood. The woman continues to sacrifice by not eating certain foods that she loves such dark green vegetables. If one can understand that this particular woman is affected by what she eats, researchers and physicians should be aware that what humans eat may have more of a relevant link to cancer than they
first thought was the case.

Research has also found that smokers have a greater chance for getting cancer, especially lung cancer. But there are some things you can do starting now by changing your habits toward a healthier you.

Start With These Tips:

1. Eat balance meals
2. Cut out the sweets
3. Watch your cola intake
4. Take supplements
5. Exercise regularly
6. Stop Smoking

Trying to prevent cancer is always the best step in the right direction